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Advanced Esthetics Solutions

What did you do during lockdown to support salons, clinics and therapists?

“This unprecedented event gave our partners one thing: an abundance of time. Time to evaluate their business, their portfolio of treatments, efficacy of them, profitability, as well as time to further their knowledge of the industry and of the latest innovative aesthetic trends.

“During lockdown we focused on supporting our partners’ education, delivering over 20 webinars in conjunction with our manufacturers Quanta, Pollogen and NOON Aesthetics.

“Our communication channels remained open and we supported our clients’ needs, from sales to technical support to education. Our partners who had invested in NOON Aesthetics, a cosmeceutical, prescriptive skincare product range, found this of great value as while they found new ways to operate virtually, we were able to support their ‘new normal’ by allowing them to keep an income while their clinics were closed.”

What ongoing changes have you made to support accounts since they reopened, and throughout the pandemic?

“Demand for the webinars continued long after clinics were able to reopen. We have continued to offer these in conjunction with our manufacturers, along with adapting our training (where possible) to online video calls in support of clinics that have been placed in regional or tiered lockdowns.

“Finally, we have invested further in our customer support, along with appointing an in-house marketing team who will continue to raise the profile of the brands we represent and give us the ability to support our partners further with their B to C marketing.”

What do you think will be the key trends that drive the salon and clinic market in 2021?

“Lockdown affected every one of us in a different way. While some of us neglected our bodies and diets, others spent more time focusing on self-care. Consumers, like professionals, had more time to self-assess and research, which has resulted for us in an increase of enquires into body contouring and non-invasive treatments driven by the surge in demand.

“Taking into consideration the effects of the current economic climate across the UK market, the demand for a consumer to achieve real results, quickly, comfortably and at affordable prices has certainly increased. We believe not only will the trend of noninvasive procedures for the treatment of inch loss, body contouring, skin-tightening, hair removal, tattoo removal and prescriptive facial treatments continue, but that demand will also increase throughout 2021.”

What innovations can we expect from Advanced Esthetics Solutions in 2021?

“Our focus remains on our partners and their clinics during this challenging time. We will continue to find innovative ways of delivering support and aim to assist our partners in overcoming their challenges. 2020 has been a year of survival, focusing on the safety of our staff, our partners, and their patients. 2021 will be a year of recovery; looking forward to 2022 as a year of growth.

“Our first quarter of next year will see the launch of two Quanta Laser systems along with the official launch of Lipofirm MED +. We will also launch regional educational roadshows where we aim to deliver knowledge to both our existing and potential partners on the latest technology available to their businesses. We have lots of exciting times ahead.”

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty