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A cracking Christmas

December is upon us and if you hadn’t noticed already, this year things are going to be a little different. At the time of writing, we’re in our second coronavirus lockdown and if the first one wasn’t bad enough, now we have the great British winter to contend with.

However, at Beu, we’re optimistic that normality will resume in December, so let’s focus on getting back to work and finishing the year on a high. On that note, here are Beu’s top three tips for a Merry Christmas period in salon and a Happy New Year.

1. ’Tis the season to be selling

December is traditionally the busiest month in beauty, with most salons booked out by now. So, rather than focus on getting bookings, it makes sense to shift your priorities and maximise each client’s average spend. For example, that new nail colour your customer loves so much would make a perfect stocking filler, in turn, becoming a great revenue booster for you.

2. Think about the new year

A profitable new year is a happy new year. The first couple of months after the Christmas excess can be a little slow in salon, so it’s important that you close those bookings now so you don’t have a plunge in profits come January. Make sure to book follow-up appointments for clients when they leave the salon during December. With Beu, you can book your client in for their next session in a couple of seconds, using either your phone or web app.

3. Add some Christmas cheer to your salon

Decorate your salon so it’s fun and festive and then encourage clients to share your glamorous grottos on social media. Free publicity is the best publicity and your clients network will be more trusting of any advertising directly from people they know. Ask clients to tag your page and make sure to have a link to your bookings in your bio so you can convert potential new customers. This is something you can easily do with Beu software, and best of all it’s free.

Visit Beu now at and get set-up on our slick, free software to keep your salon profitable into 2021.

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty