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What did you do during lockdown to support salons, clinics and therapists?

“Celluma immediately pivoted operations to support the safety of our team members and our customers. We quickly began manufacturing medical-grade face shields and restructuring our Reseller Programme to help our customers stay in business.

“Our chief executive, Patrick Johnson, inventor of Celluma, set the tone when he said, ‘One of our organisational cornerstones is a commitment to compassion… the caring for all those who come in contact with the company’. Our first response to the Covid-19 crisis was to ensure that our team members, our suppliers and, most importantly, our customers were safe and healthy and had the resources to remain so. Our Reseller and Rental Programmes allowed our customers to continue treating clients safely and profitably at a distance’.”

What ongoing changes have you made to support accounts since they reopened, and throughout the pandemic?

“In addition to manufacturing medical-grade face shields and making Celluma Hygiene Barriers available for most models, we have added several educational options including free online webinars and our exclusive Skinposium Happy Hour, an online event designed to educate our customers’ clients on the benefits of light therapy for the whole family. And our customers are seeing the benefits of our support.

“Louise Just of Monika Stone & Skin in Palo Alto, California, said: ‘Celluma has been there for us before and during this pandemic. Therapists have been hit hard during Covid-19. Celluma has helped us to still take care of our clients and that is huge! We use Celluma Pro in our spa and it’s the workhorse, day in and day out. We can’t live without it’.”

What do you think will be the key trends that drive the salon and clinic market in 2021?

“We think there will be hiccups in the market as Covid-19 continues to be an issue across the globe. Safety, for both practitioner and client, will be a big concern going into 2021, as well as low-touch/no-touch services and contactless check-in for clients.

“Customer expectations have changed and clinics will need to adapt to keep their doors open. Celluma Light Therapy continues to create relevant events to help our customers navigate these tough times including our recent Celluma Holiday Gift Guide, an online event designed to drive the public to our customers. Additionally, programmes like our Rental Programme will continue to be a valuable source of income for clinics and salons that are on restricted hours during these times.”

What innovations can we expect from Celluma in 2021?

“Celluma continues to conduct clinical trials with a view to achieving medical clearances for new applications, which will result in ground-breaking product introductions in 2021. We will continue to provide education resources, marketing support and innovative programmes to help customers and their businesses.”

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty