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Products and tools that help ease some of the mental and physical strain of massage therapists

1 Lava Shells

These self-heating massage tools deliver continuous heat for up to one hour. Due to their shape, they act as a natural extension of the therapist’s own hands and can be used to deliver deep, targeted massage relief in a controlled and hygienic manner.

Lava Shells enable therapists to give a deep, warming massage without as much strain on the wrists and hands. While the warmth is being enjoyed by the client, the therapist is also benefitting from the shell’s soothing properties. The techniques taught in training help therapists deliver a safe treatment to prevent injuries caused from poor posture.

Trade: £30 per shell  

01295 235511

2 Repêchage

The Kansa Wand is based on Ayurvedic medicine and can be used in conjunction with facial and body treatments to provide consistent pressure and results. Using this tool provides leverage and weighted pressure, lessening the strain on the beauty therapist’s hands, wrists and fingers. Suitable for use on all skin types, this portable, hand-held tool has a carved, seasoned wood handle for better grip with a bronze cap, an alloy created with lead-free copper and tin. When used in conjunction with seaweed-based Repêchage skincare products, this massage tool will naturally help to firm skin while reducing the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and irritation.

Trade: £44 

0800 731 7546

3 Phytomer

A top tip for tired and aching therapists is an evening bath in Phytomer’s Oligomer Sea Water concentrate. The soak provides all of the healing benefits of the sea in your own home and will help to rejuvenate tired muscles after a long and physical day in the spa or salon. An opportunity to relax, rebalance and re-energise, the soak delivers an optimum dose of trace elements and minerals, fortifies the epidermis and helps to prevent cellular fatigue.

Trade: £5.63 

01892 750850

4 Germaine de Capuccini

A pure form of energy, obsidian stone from Mexico has capacity to retain its temperature. Massaging with obsidian creates negative ions that help to rebalance positive ions caused by pollution, poor diet and stress. Mexican white onyx is denser and has a natural cooling effect. It can be used with ice or cold water and is considered a protective stone that inspires courage and willpower. Onyx helps soothe inflammation of muscles, relieve puffiness and restore energy. At different temperatures, the stones release muscular tension, eliminate toxins, fight stress and revitalise the body. Both are cut and polished to fit contours of the face and body, while being easy on therapists’ hands.

Trade: £799.81 for the Obsidian and Onyx ritual set 

01784 259988

5 Heaven Skincare

If you’re feeling sluggish during the day, Heaven’s Alpine Drops can help put a spring in your step. They help elminate toxins, shift water retention and make you feel more comfortable.

Their natural ingredients boost vitamin absorption to promote a healthy equilibrium. The three phials work over a two-week cycle; simply add a drop or two to a glass of water each day.

Inspired by the essence of the Alps, where you’ll find the cleanest air and water molecules, these supplements help neutralise the negative impact pollutants can have on our bodies, promoting a healthy equilibrium.

Trade: £25.90 

01952 462505

6 Immunocologie

Offering the soothing herbal heat therapy used in traditional Thai massage, this multipurpose compress is filled with therapeutic herbs and spices, delicate flowers, and warming lava rock. It gently heats up when activated with warm water and lasts for over 60 minutes. Taking pressure off the therapist’s hands, it also promotes deep relaxation for the client, improves circulation, alleviates stress and fatigue, and boosts wellbeing. It can help reduce tension when pressed on isolated areas such as the neck, shoulders or legs. After using it for massage, the compress can be reused by adding it to a bath to create a herbal soak.

RRP: £24

7 Affinity

Affinity couches are designed to look after therapists, with their ergonomic features – from elements like back saving, quick-touch height adjustment to the specialist foam that saves the wear and tear on the hands during massage. Aimed at the professional holistic and beauty market, the Affinity Comfortflex couch has the versatility to be used for nearly every therapy. Its comfort, strength and style gives the impression and feel of a spa couch while retaining the flexibility and convenience of a portable.

  Trade: £543 

01993 777770

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September 2023
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Products and tools that help ease some of the mental and physical strain of massage therapists
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