In the kit with ... Grace Day |

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In the kit with ... Grace Day

The aesthetic therapist, beauty writer and Professional Beauty North 2023 speaker shares her top five products for treatments

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier

This works to protects skin from environmental pollutants. It features hypochlorous technology, which has an oxidising action that provides antimicrobial protection.

Why Grace loves it:

“I’ve been using this religiously in my own skincare routine for two years and it’s one of the products that helped me shift the acne I’ve experienced since my teens

“I have seen some incredible results on clients with acne, eczema and rosacea.”

Celluma Skin

This two-mode LED Light Therapy Device can help tackle both acne and ageing in a single device, ideal for increased fibroblast proliferation to boost collagen and elastin production.

Why Grace loves it:

“When I began to build my kit, this was the first piece of ‘tech’ I invested in. The research and science behind the brand is incredible. I incorporate it into the majority of facials I offer because it has benefits for so many skin types and concerns. It can be hard to win over clients with a treatment that doesn’t ‘feel’ like it’s doing anything but the results always impress.”

Environ Dual-Action Pre-Cleansing Oil

This mild pre-cleanser helps remove surface oils, impurities and make-up to ensure skin is clean and prepped for a treatment, without drying or dehydrating.

Why Grace loves it:

“This is one of those underrated hero products that everyone has heard of, but that doesn’t always get the hype that it deserves.

“It has the perfect silky texture that gives the right amount of slip for massage but still removes without leaving residue – and it’s suitable for every skin type.”

Esthemax Hydrojelly Mask

The first product to be mentioned in two “In the Kit” features, first selected by Viktoryia Rohal, these masks are available in a range of formulas to suit all skincare needs.

Why Grace loves it:

“Ask any of my clients and they will tell you jelly masks are one of the highlights of their facials. There is one for every possible skin concern, goal and type, so it’s a great way to customise facials. On top of that, they hydrate and soothe.”

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

This hydrating and firming mid-weight emollient moisturiser works to reduce signs of ageing while evening out skin tone and providing UV protection.

Why Grace loves it:

“I’m always preaching the importance of SPF, and still encounter new clients who aren’t using it daily.

“Usually, their reason is that they don’t like the texture of sunscreens or think that SPF will clog their pores or dry their skin. This product proves otherwise – it has a light formula and absorbs quickly without leaving residue. It converts people every time.”

Catch Day on stage at PB North on Monday September 25, where she’ll be delivering a session on the essential steps to a truly bespoke skin consultation. Head to register

This article appears in September 2023

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September 2023
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In the kit with ... Grace Day
The aesthetic therapist, beauty writer and Professional Beauty North 2023 speaker shares her top five products for treatments
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