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Needling solutions

We explore how Ares microneedling can offer salons enhanced revenues and a skin-science edge

The speed at which our industry shifts and evolves is rapid. It is most likely the reason that so many of us love it and why we are drawn to it. However, that can often lead to a sense of overwhelm. How do we know which new treatments to take on board?

This is where CMed Aesthetics steps in. Its remit as a research and development company is to offer advanced skin treatments that are equally therapist and customer friendly.

CMed, an Italian research and development company, focuses on creating patented products in the field of medical beauty. This is the drive of the owners Dr Carlo Michelini and Dr Andrea Malventi. Modern, progressive and forward thinking, one of the most sterling examples of this is the Ares range of microneedling formulas.

“What the Ares range can do is radically alter how the skin functions, resulting in rapid cell turn over, skin texture rejuvenation and even regrowing hair on the scalp. We are very proud that we were able to develop this range and many clients around the world have experienced the life-enhancing results of it,” says Dr Carlo Michelini co-founder of CMed Aesthetics.

Products in the Ares range


This blend boosts the bloodstream and has antiinflammatory properties so it is excellent for redness reduction, improves collagen deposition within the skin and increases fibroblasts and vascular density.


This blend restores skin elasticity and stimulates synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, offering clients a tightness to the skin and reduction in fine lines and crepiness. The combination of peptides contained within the formula provides a “botox-like” effect around the eyes and forehead, tackling crow’s feet and frown lines.

Hair Booster

Hair regrowth and hair-loss prevention is in massive demand within our industry. Many treatments are intensely invasive and very expensive. With a proven track record of achieving hair restoration, this formula promotes microcirculation via micronutrients as it contains growth factor complexes to promote hair growth.

B Vitamins and keratin stimulate hair growth, and while the bulk of customers are men requesting scalp treatment, there is also an increase in women treating eyebrow hair loss.


This formula is a metabolic stimulator and intense and rapid dermal moisturiser. It also addresses scarring, and uneven texture. Containing succinic acid, which accelerates the metabolic processes that promote skin rejuvenation, this formula also contains 14 natural amino acids. Like a skin bootcamp, this formula supports the dermis to start functioning optimally.

A box of each mesotherapy blend is £140 and contains enough product for eight treatments. Treatments are priced at £120-£150 per session.

“What gives us so much satisfaction at Shop Beautiful is knowing we are able to offer a range to our customers that provides the ultimate end-user satisfaction,” says Hayley Stoddart, UK brand manager at Ares’s distributor, Shop Beautiful. “People love the results that Ares provides and it makes us so happy to know that this brand is growing the revenues of so many of our customers.”

To find out more about Ares, contact Shop Beautiful: 0808 196 3908

This article appears in June 2023

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June 2023
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Needling solutions
We explore how Ares microneedling can offer salons enhanced revenues and a skin-science edge
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