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Personal TOUCH

New facials are launched to lift and revitalise the skin, and we give our verdict on some hyperpersonalised holistic treatments

Dibi Milano Acid Infusion Bioactivating Revitalizing Treatment

The new Acid Infusion Bioactivating Revitalizing Treatment strengthens, hydrates and revitalises the skin. It’s the latest launch in Dibi Milano’s Acid Infusion offering, which also includes the regenerating Bioactivating Renewing Treatment.

Central to the new treatment is the new professional-use Bioactivating Solution Pure Polyglutamic Acid + Oligosaccharides, with active ingredients and prebiotics to strengthen and preserve the skin microbiome.

Following a cleans ane tone, 12ml of the serum is brushed onto the face, neck and décolletage and 3ml applies to the hands, left to work for five to ten minutes. Acid Infusion Normalizing Mask is then applied with a brush on the face, neck, décolletage and hands, and left to work for 15 minutes then removes with disposable gloves moistened in lukewarm water.

Two sessions of the new Bioactivating Revitalizing Treatment are recommended alongside three sessions of the existing Bioactivating Renewing Treatment.

Dibi Milano recommends charging £70 –£80 for this reatment. +353 45 856 490 /

Tried and tested… CACI Micro-Touch Facial

The lowdown: CACI, known for its non-surgical face lift system, has released a hands-only facial treatment. Combining CACI’s signature muscle-lifting techniques with microcurrent technology (via gloves) for targeted contouring, the treatment focuses on muscle lift, tension release and deep tissue relaxation. The experience: Walking into Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé on Brompton Road, London, I was blown away by the gorgeous decor. After completing a consultation while sipping on a relaxing rose herbal tea, I was taken into a treatment room by therapist Hannah Abdi, who gave my face a cleanse before firing up the CACI device and putting on the treatment gloves hooked up to it.

The “Electro Gloves” provide the therapist greater sensory awareness of the client’s facial contours and the ability to adapt pressure when gripping the muscles.

CACI’s firming gel concentrate was applied to my skin to help the gloves to better glide over my face. Starting under my chin, Abdi began massaging downwards to aid with drainage, before gently clamping the muscle beneath my chin with her gloved hands. She held it in this position for eight seconds, which is the time, she explained, that it takes for the muscle to respond to the microcurrent.

CACI devices have a biofeedback system that monitors the electrical resistance of each client’s skin and customises the amperage accordingly within milliseconds. Ultra-low frequencies below 1Hz are used, which are required for long term muscle re-education, while CACI’s patented waveform technology helps overcome any electrical skin resistance to help the microcurrent reach the “belly” of the muscle .

This gentle grabbing action was repeated on all the muscles around my face. I couldn’t feel the microcurrent at all and the treatment felt like a relaxing facial massage; so much so that if I wasn’t trying to keep my wits about me to write this review, I could have easily fallen asleep.

The verdict: After sitting up, I noticed the slightest ache in my cheeks, which felt similar to when I have been laughing a lot. I also felt as though my face looked more “snatched”, contoured and toned, with my cheekbones appearing a little more chiselled. I can definitely see how a course of treatments could yield really impressive results.

Business benefits: CACI’s treatments are suited to all skin types, but with the Electro Gloves, this facial can appeal to a wider range of people. Those just starting out with devices may feel more at ease, as the gloves could appear less intensive than the probes used in CACI’s other treatments. Plus, at 45 minutes, it’s quicker to perform.

CACI recommends charging from £45 for the 45-minute treatment. 020 8731 5678 /

Tried and tested… Elemental Herbology Five Elements of Nature Bespoke Experience

The lowdown: Elemental Herbology takes a holistic approach based around the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine – fire, water, earth, metal and wood, each of which is said to impact everything in life and can be influenced by factors such as lifestyle, stress and the seasons. By ascertaining which element is most aligned to a client’s needs, therapists can create a bespoke experience.

The experience: I visited the Spa Suite by Elemental Herbology at The Cadogan hotel in Chelsea, London, for a treatment with Renata Elias, which began with a foot soak.

My consultation determined that my dominant element was wood – meaning my skin was normal/combination and my body was prone to aching muscles, with the effects on my personality including stress and frustration. The fire element was also prevalent, suggesting I’m susceptible to burnout and breakouts.

Elias used this information to devise a treatment using products primarily from the wood and fire Elemental Herbology ranges. This started with guided breathing to aid relaxation, before a salt scrub to gently exfoliate and boost circulation. Next came a body wrap using the Sweet Orange and Rosemary Body Cream and an acupressure scalp and face massage. Once the wrap was removed, Rejuvenate Bath and Body Oil locked in the hydration.

The treatment was completed with a radiance facial – a double cleanse with Calm and Soothe Cleansing Balm and Vital Cleanse cleanser, followed by Purifying Clay Mask and Perfect Balance Multi-Acid Pads. Vital Eyes Serum and Perfect Balance Probiotic Serum were then applied to hydrate the eye area and balance my skin biome, before Perfect Balance Moisturiser and an SPF were used to finish.

The verdict: The treatment was incredibly personalised and thorough. I’d wanted to feel rejuvenated and energised, and this was achieved through Elias’s stellar technique and in-depth knowledge of the range. The products not only feel and smell amazing, they also get the job done – often facials can leave my skin feeling overloaded, but this was certainly not the case here.

Business benefits: The opportunities for personalisation in Elemental Herbology’s range mean it’s a great fit for almost any client, and the ability to treat both skin and wellbeing together is beneficial for any beauty or spa business.

Elemental Herbology and The Cadogan charge £245 for the 120-minute treatment. 01604 813011 /

Tried and tested… House of Kalmar signature Joy treatment

The lowdown: Kalmar is a wellness brand devised by spiritual healer Karen Ruimy and Tracey Woodward – the beauty entrepreneur, who has previously led brands including Aromatherapy Associates and Urban Retreat. The premise works around four “soul states” of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love, with products, therapies and workshops for each. The treatments are described as holistic energy healing, incorporating massage and alternative therapies. 

The experience: House of Kalmar is a mews townhouse in Belgravia, London, which only treats one client at a time, in a large space above the brand’s office and dance studio. A sign on the door asks you to knock gently, setting the tone for the peaceful vibe that envelops you as you enter.

I was met upstairs by master therapist Sam Richardson, who is trained in cognitive behaviour therapy and energy healing. She asked me to choose how I’d like to feel then which wellness area needed the most attention – each question coming with a list of four descriptions to choose from. My answers were split between Joy and Calm but I opted for the energising Joy treatment, which began with a guided meditation based on being present in the moment.

The therapy that followed started with dry body brushing, then combined a wide variety of movements, from scalp massage to reflexology to gentle yoga-style stretches, each designed to energise body and uplift mood. The treatment also includes a full-body massage using the cirtusy Joy oil. The movements flowed into one another and I grew increasingly relaxed as the treatment continued. For me, one of the most valuable parts came at the end, when Richardson explained the energy she’d read. She’d felt I find it difficult to let go, sensing tension and energy blocked in my shoulders and legs. She gave advice on daily visualisations to help shift my mindset away from anxiety.

The verdict: The treatment felt completely personalised – rather than asking a lot of questions about areas of concern, Richardson was able to sense these, focusing the massage and stretches on areas of tension and tailoring advice to include visualisations that are easy to incorporate daily – as repetition is the key to long-term change.

Business benefits: Consumer interest in self-care has been growing steadily since the pandemic, and tapping into the benefits of a holistic approach in a genuinely personalised and authentic way can really serve that need.

House of Kalmar charges £180 for a 90-minute treatment. 020 7201 0720 /

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