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You shared your plans for 2023…

Hayley Kooner, owner, Hayley Kooner Beauty, Kenilworth: “I‘m moving location to work alongside another therapist and friend and all thanks to a comment I made on your socials a year or so ago.” Novalash International: “We are super excited about 2023! We have lots of plans to train new lash artists while helping established lash artists grow and succeed.”

This month we asked you…

Do you run special offers for Valentine’s Day?

21% Yes, I do

58% No, I don’t

9% Haven’t before, but considering it

12% Used to, but not anymore

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How have you adapted to stay profitable?

Tessa Stevens, owner, Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic, London:

“We totally changed our business after the pandemic - reduced our service menu, taking away low-profit treatments and increasing service time. It resulted in our best-performing year in our end-of-year accounts.”

Zoe Nichols, lash technician and head trainer for Novalash, Bournemouth:

“I’m mobile so have insisted on a £60 minimum spend.”

Hot Topic

Professional Beauty London build-up

Katrina Atkinson, owner, Top Kat Wellness, Hull: “There are no strangers at Professional Beauty – just friends you’ve not yet met! PB is all about learning from the best, seeing what the new trends are and having fun! I absolutely love attending their events as it’s so worthwhile for my business. Thank you PB.”

Charles Mills, chief executive, Gelida: “Looking forward to it!”

Jennifer Jane, founder, The Bridal Make-up Academy, London: “Can’t wait to be there.”

Kelly Shaw, founder, k:Spa, Hampshire: “We can’t wait, it’s the first time the whole team are coming.”

Nergish Wadia-Austin, founder, Phab Service Stars: “Make time to attend these vital industry events and bring your knowledge up to speed.”

Tracey Wilson, owner, Salonesque, Kent: “I read your article about cutting costs. We wanted a cleaner to bleach all our floors at the end of the week so we could leave on time. One client is a cleaner and we pay her in nails, not cash. It works for us so maybe other salons could try paying in treatments.”

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February 2023
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