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The New Year is always a time to focus on change, and while the future may still feel a little unsure, there are many positives in play as we plan for growth.

The ongoing pandemic has brought about societal shifts in behaviour. A greater emphasis on health and wellness, paired with a revival of “statement” beauty looks that celebrate freedom and individuality look set to create opportunity for the salon and spa sector.

From sustainable waterless products and “beauty snacking”, to blinged-up crystal eye make-up and landscape-inspired nail art, check out the trends expected to shape the sector in 2022 on page 11.

And for greater insight into how the self-care movement is infiltrating every sector of our business, take a look at our tanning focus from page 54, where some of the nation’s leading experts share their views on how and why you need to make your tanning services all about wellness this year.

Of course, it’s not just trends in consumer behaviour that will affect the beauty and spa industry in the year ahead; changes in the way therapists are choosing to work are also having a huge impact on the market.

With an increasing number of people choosing to go self-employed in search of greater flexibility and work-life balance, a new wave of collaborative workspaces is bridging the gap between the traditional salon and mobile therapy models. Offering the benefits of a salon set-up with the flexibility to work your own hours, these models are gaining traction in the UK’s larger cities. Check out two of the newest on page 67.

Whatever changes you’re planning to make this year, we wish you a happy and successful 2022.


This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty