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As the world’s only 100% subscription free, and fastest growing, salon software, Fresha is transforming how beauty salons and spas are managing, marketing and protecting their businesses.

Not only are partners using Fresha to manage their bookings, calendars and teams, its simple-to-use marketing features are boosting revenues and client loyalty, and protecting against lost revenue from no-shows and late cancellations.

To make Fresha even more effective, the company has introduced more innovative features and announces future changes that make it even better and easier.

Fresha removes online booking fees

The Fresha website and app integrates with your website, social media booking buttons and Reserve with Google and, in a bold step that marks Fresha out in the salon software market, all online booking fees have now been removed. “This makes Fresha even more attractive for salons and spas and this change has been positively welcomed by our 60,000 partners and 200,000 beauty and wellness professionals,” says chief executive and founder William Zeqiri.

Improved look and experience

Already easy-to-use and intuitive, Fresha has unveiled a newly designed user interface that provides existing partners with a seamless experience, while making it look and feel even better for new users. Changes to the language that describe its features make Fresha even more user-friendly as improved navigation boosts productivity and workflow.

Process payments and protect your business

In another innovative step, Fresha has made payment processing available to all partners so they can immediately start processing payments and protecting their business against no-shows and late cancellations.

Clients receive appointment reminders and those not showing up, or cancelling late, pay in line with policies that are set up to allow for that. “This is proven to reduce and even eliminate no-shows and late cancellations,” says Zeqiri. “Partners are now able to protect their businesses against lost revenues without affecting customer relations.”

Blast marketing for all

Fresha’s blast marketing feature is now available to all partners without the need to set up online payments. This feature means partners can send marketing campaigns to clients quickly and easily to boost bookings, offer a promotion or encourage non-returning clients back.

With other recently announced improvements including free forms and reviews, which streamline the consultation process and encourage clients to say amazing things about your services, February 2022 sees the launch of a new and hottly anticipated new feature: Fresha deposits.

“This will secure appointments and revenues for salons and spas before the appointment, and make sure that booking slots never go to waste,” says Zeqiri.

Transform your business with Fresha:

Join over 60,000 beauty and wellness businesses worldwide using Fresha to grow their business.

√ Free unlimited bookings, staff members and locations

√ Free unlimited client and staff notifications

√ Free unlimited point of sale (POS) use to track sales

√ Free unlimited product inventory to manage stock

√ Free unlimited reporting to track business performance

√ Free apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices

For more information and to join now for free visit


This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty