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This month, the focus has been on making sure that your techs are offering clients everything they want and more, which is why you’ve been adding to your services.

With many of you predicting that nail embellishments such as gems (11%), pearls (7%) and jewellery (6%) will be big in 2022, you’ve made sure to stock up on these items and add them to your menu so your clients know you have them.

Also, with green shades coming out top in social media platform Pinterest’s winter nail trends, 20% of you say emerald is the most popular hue with your clients, followed closely by mint (13%) and forest green (11%).

Many of you also did some digging into which finish clients prefer at the end of their manicure and pedicures and the vast majority (93%) said they preferred gloss over matte. For the hottest nail-focused product launches, turn to page 73.

On The Spot

Which green polish shade do clients request the most?

1 . Emerald (20%)

2 . Mint (13%)

3 . Forest green (11%)

4 . Khaki (7%)

Which embellishments do you think will be big in 2022?

1. Glitter (39%)

2. Gems/crystals (11%)

3. Pearls (7%)

4. Jewellery (6%)

Which finish is most popular with clients?

Gloss 93%

Matte 7%

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty