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This month’s treatment launches offer advanced technologies to treat both face and body

Crystal Clear Skinstorm Treatments

Billed as Crystal Clear’s most intensive all-in-one treatment system yet, Skinstorm offers eight protocols using six technologies. The six “elements” are: Hurricane Oxygen Super Cleanse, an oxygenating system that infuses the cleansing solution with dissolvable oxygen and chills it; Resurface And Heal With Phototherapy Light, which also uses microdermabrasion; Oxy Ice Peel & Oxy Blast, where the peel is infused with dissolvable oxygen and chilled; Oxy Ice Fibroblast Needling Using Drone Technology, delivering ingredients via a microneedling handpiece; Hylo Fusion, which uses high pressure to deliver FGF-10 serum; and Tri-Fusion Light Therapy with red, blue and near infrared light.

They are used in a variety of combinations in the protocols. For example, the Acne Attack Ice Facial gently peels and resurfaces to clear out debris and create and anti-bacterial effect at the source, while the Skinstorm Facial is designed for skin that needs a supercharged pick-me-up and combines all six technologies.

Crystal Clear recommends charging from £150 for 60–90 minutes for the Skinstorm Facial. 0151 709 7227 / crystalclear.co.uk

Tried and tested…

LPG Deep Cleansing Endermologie Signature Treatment

The lowdown: LPG’s new signature facial launched towards the end of 2021 and was developed to restore skin radiance, work on fine lines and give a lifted appearance. Previously represented via a distributor, LPG now has a new UK subsidiary. I went down to the group’s new head office in Hammersmith, London, which has a built-in treatment space, to try the treatment with LPG trainer Esther Simon.

The experience: After chatting to Simon about my skin goals – hydration and lifting – she cleansed my skin before exfoliating with LPG’s new Exfoliating Cream.

Manual massage strokes are used to apply it, boosting lymphatic circulation to drain toxins.

Next came mechanical massage, using a vacuum treatment head with motorised flaps to gently stimulate skin on the surface, helping to oxygenate the tissue, reactivate the microcirculation, and boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The facial also includes a peel, using LPG Peeling Technology 20%, which contains glycolic and mandelic acids. Simon applied this to my skin and left it to work for three minutes on the more sensitive areas across my cheeks and the full five minutes elsewhere. She then rinsed it off before applying a cooling collagen mask. Simon explained the mask used similar technology to that used to treat burns patients, and unlike other collagen masks, it didn’t slide around while on. More facial massage was performed during the 15 minutes that the mask was left on, before Simon removed it and applied Total Eye Care Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum and moisturiser.

The verdict: The mechanical massage part felt surprisingly relaxing and really helped to make my face feel firmer and appear more contoured. Immediately after the facial, my skin was pink and flushed from the peel but that died down over a couple of hours and my skin was left smoother.

Business benefits: LPG recommends the facial is performed once or twice a month, depending on skin sensitivity. It can be offered as a “starter” before a programme to maximise the effectiveness of other treatments. With both hands-on and machine massage, it offers the best of both worlds to clients who want results without sacrificing the luxury feel.

LPG Signature Facial is a 75-minute treatment. 020 4538 3805 / endermologie.com

Gharieni Welnamis treatments

The Gharieni Group has launched Welnamis –a touchless treatment experience bed. It was developed following the results of third-party research into the proven benefits of its first-generation concept bed, SpaWave, which it has replaced. The device offers new programmes that combine the health benefits of vibration and sound therapies designed for delivery of specific brainwave frequencies.

Bergamos Retreat, USA

The four programmes are: Stress Relief, recommended for first-time users to foster a relaxed yet present state of mind; Mindfulness, to activate creativity, insight, dreams, and light sleep; PowerNap, to encourage a regenerative state associated with deep sleep, which is the most restorative part of the sleep cycle; and Awareness, which is designed to provide conditions for increased perception, learning, and problem solving as well fast and efficient thinking. More studies for Gharieni concept beds are underway now.

Each of the four programmes can be offered as a 22-minute treatment. +49 (0)284 1883 0050 / gharieni.com

Tried and tested…

Environ Focus on Filler Treatment

The lowdown: The 30-minute non-invasive facial treatment is aimed at mature clients who want filler-like results without undergoing an invasive procedure. The express treatment claims to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a healthy, youthful complexion. Yet, it is also ideal as a complementary treatment to fillers, helping clients keep up the look of plumpness in between their invasive procedure appointments.

The experience: I had my treatment with therapist Bahire Gaffuri at Harvey Nichols in London. She started by telling me that the non-invasive facial is safe for everyone and can be targeted to particular areas on the face, such as the under eyes, cheeks and jawline, to deliver a tailored result.

After a double cleanse, Gaffuri used the Environ Ionzyme DF Machine on me, which uses dual electro-sonic DF technology to deliver essential nutrients to the skin where it needs it most, increasing absorption of active ingredients through the skin’s natural protective barrier. The technology felt buzzy but completely painless.

Gaffuri used the Environ Professional Tri-Complex Dual Effect Filler Serum alongside this, which contains hexapeptide adyfiline, to improve the appearance of volume in targeted areas, and trademarked ingredients optimhyal and reproage to stimulate hyaluronic acid production and target the signs of ageing. She focused on my cheeks and jaw area.

However, Environ’s Cosmetic Roll-CIT can also be incorporated into the treatment and would be performed for five minutes after preparation of the skin before active serums and the electro-sonic technology. The microneedling element can only be performed if the client brings in their Environ roller from home (this can also be the Gold Cosmetic Roll-CIT) for hygiene reasons.

The verdict: My skin was glowing afterwards, with my cheeks and jaw area visibly lifted. The brand recommends a course of treatments for optimal results.

Business benefits: This treatment delivers fast results without the need for invasive procedures – perfect for clients who want a more natural solution to their skin concerns, helping to lift and tighten the complexion.

Environ recommends charging £45 for the 30-minute treatment. 020 8450 2020 / iiaa.eu

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