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PROFESSIONALBEAUTY.CO.UK “Read the article ‘85% of Brits against the reintroduction of animal testing for cosmetics in the UK’. It would be a crazy decision by the Government. We have enough science around now that we don’t need to test cosmetics on animals. Totally against this idea 100%.”

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Will you be working with colleges in 2022 to train the next generation of professionals?

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Licensing scheme for non-surgical aesthetic treatments gets NHBF backing

Dr Mario Luca Russo, founder and director of The Rejuvenation Clinic 102 Harley Street, London, commented: “Definitely Much needed. It needs to be regulated. Patients are being put at risk and we have to perform corrective procedures due to treatments performed by unqualified practitioners. This gives the aesthetic industry a bad name – all procedures must be regulated, just like the US and many other cou ntries.”

Kate Berry, managing director at The Academy and Urban Retreat, Cumbernauld, commented: “This is amazing news. We have been waving this flag for years about regulating the industry.

Let’s hope the MPs consider the seriousness of this and take action.”

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Unregulated short courses set to rise post-Covid-19

Nicky Pearce, naturopathic doctor and aesthetics teacher, commented: “I’m all for making education and personal development available to everyone (inclusive), but I also personally think that as professionals we have a responsibility to be the best and safest we can. I think beauty therapists should be able to become state registered like other healthcare professionals. That way, we know if they have reached the minimum academic competence standards required to be safe, accountable and reflective practitioners, and providers gain the IQ licence.”

@RejoyceZimela: “I’m so happy that I’ve joined Professional Beauty. I’m learning and advancing. Keep up the good work.”

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty