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As we welcome in the new year, many of you have been thinking about your business plans for 2022 and how external factors could impact them. The recruitment crisis has been cited as one of the biggest challenges for the industry this year, and just under two thirds (60%) of you believe the coronavirus pandemic has had the biggest impact on this, with some therapists now choosing to go self-employed or leave the industry entirely. Just under a fifth of you (19%) also believe that Brexit has played its part in the reduced number of therapists in the industry.

Meanwhile, with treatment business up in November 2021 compared to the month before, many of you are focusing on continuing this growth in 2022, especially in terms of tanning service sales. For 19% of you, 25–34 is the age group you sell the most tanning treatments to. Read about the hottest tanning trends for 2022 on page 54.

On The Spot

Which factor is having the biggest impact on the recruitment crisis?

1. The coronavirus pandemic (60%)

2. Brexit (19%)

3. Lack of profile raising for beauty careers (14%)

4. Curriculum not updated to match employers’ needs (13%)

Which client group do you sell tanning treatments to the most?

1. 25–34 (19%)

2. 35–44 (16%)

3. 18–24 (6%)

4. 45–54 (2%)

Month in Numbers

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