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iS Cancer Care Programme

The iS Cancer Care Programme is designed to equip therapists with the skills to address both the physical and emotional challenges of patients dealing with cancer. The programme has now achieved CPD status, meaning therapists who complete the training can receive 5.5 CPD points.

It provides specialised training on how to offer treatment experiences to those touched by cancer, covering treatments and skin reactions, precautions, iS Clinical care products, and the brand’s Harmony facial.

Developed by a clinical team, the soothing Harmony Facial features therapeutic bio-nutrients, antioxidants and hydrators to restore tone and resilience to the skin, with gentle hand and arm massage to soothe. This experience can also be combined with cancer care homecare formulations to address individual areas of concern.

The iS Cancer Care training is free with an opening order of £1,373. Harpar Grace: 020 3868 6242 /

Tried and tested… CACI Signature Facial with Hand Rejuvenation

The lowdown: CACI Synergy is a multi-tech platform, meaning each 60-minute facial can be tailored to the client using microcurrent, LED, ultrasound and orbital dermabrasion. The 30-minute Hand Rejuvenation treatment uses microcurrent and nourishing ingredients.

The experience: CACI’s London flagship is Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé in Knightsbridge and I tried the facial in the hands of skin specialist Kimberley Sofjan. After cleansing my face, Sofjan applied the Rejuvenating Hand Masks – glove-shaped sheet masks packed with hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed collagen.

Sofjan massaged the ingredients in, then removed the fingertips of the masks before sliding conducting Synergy gloves over the top and turning on the microcurrent.

She then worked on my face, starting along the jaw with microcurrent rollers and probes, both of which deliver LED light at the same time as the current. The Hydro Mask was then applied to my face in two sections. The first thing I noticed was the scent of rose water but it also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Sofjan used the Hydrotone Rollers (again, with LED) over the mask to help the ingredients get to work. The mask and the gloves were then removed, and she worked around my eyes and forehead with the microcurrent probes and Wrinkle Comb.

For a deeper impact, Sofjan finished with Quad Probes, which grip the muscles, helping define the cheekbones and jaw. For a finishing touch, she applied Lisa Franklin’s Luminescent Base mattifying serum, and Lip FX to plump. The verdict: Immediately after, my face felt firmer and lifted, and for the next few days it looked noticeably contoured. My hands looked smoother and younger too. Business benefits: The gloves can be applied then left, meaning therapists can perform two treatments at once, increasing revenue without additional time or resource.

With multiple technologies, Synergy also allows salons to tap into the trend for bespoke treatments.

Tried by Eve Oxberry

CACI recommends charging from £60 for the 60-minute facial, depending on location. At Clinic Privé it starts at £125.

CACI: 020 8731 5678 /

Tried and tested… Germaine de Capuccini Radiance Timexpert C+ Facial

The lowdown: Using vitamin C products from the brand’s Timexpert Radiance C + range, combined with lymphatic drainage using a massage ball made from natural rubber, this facial claims to brighten stressed skin and tackle dark spots.

The experience: The brand’s head trainer Gina Baker performed my facial at The Landmark Hotel in London. It began with Germaine de Capuccini’s welcome touch ritual, which involved quartz crystal-filled pinder pouches pressed into my body at different points. After cleansing my skin, Baker applied a 10% solution of lactobionic acid to exfoliate, which she left on for 12 minutes while performing a foot cleanse. Antioxodant-rich 10% ferulic acid was then applied for brightening.

Timexpert Radiance C+ Pure Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial Concentrate was then applied, which contains the brand’s new patented HLG nanopolymer – made up of hyaluronic acid, lysine and glutamic acid – to stimulate cell metabolism. The brand claims this encapsulation allows vitamin C to be absorbed up to eight times faster.

Baker massaged the serum in using the brand’s natural rubber massage ball, which warms with the heat of the skin and moulds to the contours of the face without the therapist having to use much pressure, helping to reduce RSI. I could feel how easy it was for Baker to navigate it around my face, especially the jaw and cheek areas.

A vitamin C sheet mask with was then applied and left to work while an arm and hand massage was performed. The facial finished with application of collagen-infused eye and lip cream, and vitamin C lotion.

The verdict: My skin looked fresh and dewy afterwards and the contours were visibly lifted. The results lasted for many days too – just in time for my holiday.

Business benefits: This treatment is ideal for clients who want the best of both worlds, with science-backed products and the relaxation benefits of holistic rituals. It’s also good for therapists as the massage ball helps reduce the chances of RSI developing.

Tried by Amanda Pauley removed. The treatment finished with serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

Germaine de Capuccini recommends charging £85 for the 60-minute facial. 0845 600 0203 /

This month we tried…

Espa Glow From Within Facial

The lowdown: This facial from Espa uses deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliating and multi-masking techniques, combined with gua sha massage, to restore radiance to dull skin.

The experience: Spuridoula Karakike, head therapist at the brand’s London flagship Espa Life at Corinthia, began with a double cleanse using Yuzu & Ginger Cleansing Sorbet and Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser, combined with the Foreo Luna 2 and steam, to clean my pores and improve texture.

This was followed by exfoliating Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel, applied as a mask, to boost brightness and rejuvenate skin. A rose quartz gua sha massage was performed on my décolleté and shoulders until it was removed. The gua sha element then moved up to my face, and this really ties in with Espa’s holistic approach to restoring radiance, with the contours of my jaw and cheeks, as well as my forehead and temples, worked.

This lymphatic drainage technique helps stimulate the circulatory system, remove toxins and aid hydration. Next, Clean & Green Detox Mask was applied to calm the maskne on my chin and nourish any dehydrated areas. Meanwhile, Optimal Body Tri Serum was applied to my arms, with gua sha massage performed until the mask was ready to be removed. The treatment finished withserum, eye cream and moisturiser.

The verdict: My skin looked and felt incredible. The redness surrounding my maskne had been significantly reduced and my complexion looked dewy. Karakike got my skin back to its best version of itself.

Business benefits: All the Espa Active Nutrients and Optimal Skin products used are suitable for every skin type, so this facial can be personalised to suit the client’s skin. Tried by Amanda Pauley

Espa Life at Corinthia charges £195. Espa: 020 7321 3050 /

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