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Shortcuts 8.1

Shortcuts 8.1 is described by its makers as “the latest and greatest iteration of the already popular app”, having recently undergone an exciting redesign to streamline the user experience, most notably revamping the design of feature Walkin Manager.

This improved version of the app offers a more intuitive experience, including one-touch action buttons, group checkout, and improved visibility on service and wait times – ideal for managing footfall post-lockdown. Shortcuts 8.1 also boasts an updated point-ofsale design, helping to ensure the client receives a start-to-finish quality salon experience.

Phorest Online Deposits Scheme

As most owners will attest, empty slots within a salon’s daily schedule can devastate businesses, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic when many are trying to rebuild. Proven to drop customer no-shows from a previous 5.4% to a significant 1.9%, Phorest’s recently launched Online Deposits Scheme allows for the safeguarding of bookings as clients are more likely to show up if they’ve paid a deposit.

Another new software function is Custom Fees, where you can charge extra fees – fixed or automatic – to a client’s account for services such as charity donations, personal protective equipment (PPE) and plastic bag costs.

Timely eConsult

The Timely app offers a wide range of services, such as helping you to deliver an elevated client experience, saving time on admin and establishing a stronger brand identity through marketing and promotions.

The most recent addition to the service is eConsult, which is an online consultation form template that allows salons to create bespoke forms for each treatment or client. The idea is that these customisable digital forms will help businesses stay safe and coronavirus compliant – ultimately, providing reassurance to your client base and your staff.

Salon by Premier Software

Following consumer behaviour insight from review platform Salonspy, Premier Software has discovered that it’s crucial for salon owners to keep on top of their reviews to attract new clients as most customers want to know about the experiences of others newer than three months old.

Premier’s new software, titled “Salon”, integrates with Salonspy to display reviews following a verified appointment, with the business automatically sending a review link via SMS for the client to fill out. When customers provide feedback, this will be displayed on the salon or spa’s profile at, which will be represented as a Salonspy rating on the website.

Beu App

Appointment booking app Beu allows for a greater seamlessness within your salon or spa, especially paying a greater focus on freelancers. The app’s features allow for self-employed and employed salon staff to work smoothly together in the same business – online bookings can be easily taken, and the client will feel like you know them and their beauty and wellness preferences inside-out because the service stores all client notes for access anytime. The app and web app interface are also designed to ensure easy use.

iSalon 12.2

The software’s latest version was recently launched following rigorous research, conducted both pre- and post-Covid-19, concerning the core needs of salon businesses. New improvements made include a rebooking reminder that stores the services the customer previously received to make rebooking easier, receipt printing for PayByLink bills, a more efficient voucher payment grid, and an upgraded Team KPI Report that will help managers to monitor staff performance.

On top of this, customer records will now inform salon owners if a client fails to meet security requirements to use their credit accounts, allowing businesses to gain better control of their profits and earnings.

Zenoti Software

The brand provides a cloud-based software solution to hundreds of salons throughout the country with a sleek interface, enabling users to seamlessly manage many aspects of their business, including online appointment bookings, CRM, and inventory and employer management.

Recent innovative feature launches include cloning of packages, which enables you to create day packages and promo packages, as well as a “deposit collecting function” that helps to safeguard businesses from no-shows and cancellations. Zenoti has also introduced Parallel Service, which grants front-desk staff the ability to book up to two services with two different providers at the same time, helping salons to drive sales.

Salon Iris Custom On line Forms

One of the latest updates from booking software Salon Iris is Custom Online Forms, which aims to save businesses time, streamline valuable data and help minimise close contact with clients. Forms are easily customisable to suit business needs and cover many aspects, including Covid-19 questionnaires, client intake forms, consultation forms and more.

The software company also allows you to create a customisable online booking website for free, allowing for the easy integration of your salon’s new website with a business’s Facebook and Instagram pages, where you receive notifications when clients book. This then automatically updates your Salon Iris appointment book –a seamless experience.

Salon Tracker

The company’s online booking and registration tools have been enhanced and the Siteview application improved. The online booking feature now adds on extra cleaning time automatically to all appointments and allows clients to make and amend their bookings whenever and wherever they are.

Online registration also allows clients to register using their own devices, which prevents overcrowding at the reception desk. The Siteview app also enables employees to book in clients while on the move, so amendments can be made while they are away from the salon.

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty