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MPs’ call for Government regulation of injectables: industry reactions

Lizzie Griffiths, beauty and aesthetic practitioner at Beauté Aesthetics, Guildford, commented: “I agree things need to be tightened up as far too many are jumping on the aesthetic bandwagon and we’re seeing some rather botched jobs, but I do see some beautiful work from beauty therapists also. Some have spent thousands on training so I feel it would be unfair to then take this away from them. I hope this just means retraining so they can continue and not just taking it away. I have also seen some dodgy work from dentists and nurses, so the whole industry needs better regulation and training.”

@NergishTraining: “Judging the World Spa & Wellness Awards 2021 and reading the applications. The sheer effort spa directors/ leaders within the spa and wellness industry have gone through to keep their teams focused and the sector functioning post-lockdown has been nothing short of admirable 👏”

@bellisima_beauty: “Read the article ‘How to charge your worth’ in the July issue. I always feel awkward [putting up my prices). Haven’t done it for a couple of years now –I keep putting it off.”

This month we asked you…

which treatments are most popular with clients currently?

Aesthetic 51%

Holistic 49%

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A third of people with a skin condition say it affects their mental health

Linda Fudge, Level 4 advanced skincare specialist at Linda Fudge Lifelong Skincare Solutions, commented: “It is good to see that mental health is gaining such prominence. It is well overdue that skin conditions move up the agenda; for example, high-grade acne. The scarring left after such an episode lasts a lifetime and affects self-esteem. We really must do better, with swifter interventions and less of the view that it is acceptable to let this take its course and ravage a person’s appearance.

Education about skincare is key from an early age.”

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty