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Although nothing can beat the power of touch in a spa ritual, the revenue benefits of low-touch treatment options cannot be argued, which is why many of you are incorporating them into your menu. LED light therapy is the most popular with your clients (25%), followed by a guided meditation (11%) to soothe mind and body, and a traditional mud bath (7%) for its skincare benefits.

Meanwhile, despite the Government changing the rules around PPE on July 19, stating that face coverings were no longer mandatory in certain settings, more than half of you (58%) have requested that staff and clients still wear this level of PPE in your spa. A new bath house has come to London hoping to deliver a unique water experience for spa clients in the UK. See what the hype is about on page 65.

On the spot

71% would book training to help their team spot the signs of domestic violence on clients

Which low-touch treatment option is most popular with clients?

1. LED (25%)
2. Guided meditation (11%)
3. Mud bath (7%)
4. Flotation tank (4%)
5. Cryotherapy (4%)

Have you changed your rules around PPE since the update to Government guidance?

1. We still require the same PPE for staff and clients (58%)
2. We use the same PPE for staff; clients can choose (27%)
3. We only use face coverings when performing treatments on the face (12%)
4. We no longer require the use of face coverings in salon (4%)

52% average treatment room occupancy in July 2021

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty