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This month’s launches include new advances in skincare technology and fresh formulas for nail techs

1 Lyma Lasers

The Lyma Laser Pro offers a continuous and ultra-diffused 1450mW laser that is deeply bio-stimulating (808nm) with a treatment area of 33cm2. The technology penetrates to a depth of up to 10cm without losing power, to create a biological effect from the muscle tissue upwards, and is able to remodel and rebuild the skin from the base layer, without causing pain or damage to cells in the process.

Trade: £4,995

2 Skyncare

Solaris is the latest laser innovation from Skyncare. The device features four different hand pieces: diode 810nm, NdYAG 1064.532nm, fractional erbium laser 1540nm and IPL, to support a combination of different laser and IPL treatments.

Price: on application 01730 239578

3 2am London

The Spring Fling collection from 2am London, distributed by Grafton International, features six new LED- and UV-curable seasonal shades. Choose from peach-toned Peachy, bright orange-red The Sauce, soft pastel green Mint, bubblegum-pink Dolled Up, cool blue No Sweat or striking metallic silver Dime Piece.

Trade: £5.99 each 01827 280080

4 Germaine de Capuccini

The newest addition to the brand’s Timexpert Hyaluronic collection has landed. Timexpert Hydraluronic Supreme Sorbet is formulated to smooth the skin from within, enriched with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and shea butter for comforting and intense nourishment. It also contains biocompatible polyamino acid PGA to firm and protect skin while maintaining a healthy pH. Trade: £34.70 0845 600 0203

5 Skeyndor

Megan is a new skincare device from Skeyndor. It uses Tri Synergy Tech to blend three technologies, Hi Freq – a high-frequency monopolar capacitive current to stimulate tissue, Dermaboost – hydroelectroporation currents to enhance penetration and absorption of active ingredients, and Deep RGB, which activates LED photoactive concentrates through cosmetic drone technology.

Together, these technologies help transport active ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.

Price: on application

6 Synergie Skin

Hyalavive is the first hyaluronic acid serum from skincare brand Synergie Skin. The product targets multiple channels of molecular penetration to deliver intense hydration for lasting epidermal revival, while going deep within the skin layers to restore and regenerate compromised barriers, with vitamin B1 for skin barrier protection. Trade: £47 03331 889961

7 Beautiful Brows and Lashes

The Duo Lash & Brow Boost serum promises thicker and fuller brows and lashes for all clients. Biopeptides increase the hair follicle size, while Fuji mulberry root extract encourages growth in as little as four weeks.

Trade: £84 for 10 (retail pack) 0151 427 0319

8 Katie Barnes Tool Range

The KB Rose Gold E-file is equipped with a high torque, yet has been designed to provide an almost silent service with minimal vibrations. The e-file, available alone or in a bundle, has both forward and reverse functions, as well as stop and pause memory, and is compatible with 3/32 inch shank sizes.

Trade: e-file and course £348; e-file, course and starter bit bundle £398; e-file, course and complete bit and accessory bundle £595.89

9 Yon-Ka Paris

The new Serum CBD contains 300mg of pure CBD to help clients de-stress and achieve more restful sleep. The serum has been formulated with 750,000 native cells from the sacred lotus to combat skin stress and adaptogenic reishi extract to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors.

Trade: £16 for 5ml, £54 for 30ml +33 14119 5656

10 Dibi Milano

The Acid Infusion range comprises four serums available for retail. Clients can choose from Bioactivating Solution Pure Ellagic Acid + Vitamin C for dull, ageing skin, Bioactivating Solution Pure Ferulic Acid + Retinol to combat signs of ageing, Bioactivating Solution Pure Phytic Acid + Resveratrol to treat free radical damage and Bioactivating Solution Pure Polyglutamic Acid + Oligosaccharides to help unbalanced skin and impaired barriers.

Trade: £35 each 020 38784 539

11 The Edge

There are 32 new shades from nail brand The Edge, in a bid to offer a colour for every different nail art design your clients could wish for, including a broad selection of reds, pinks, purples and more. The gel polishes are compatible with both UV and LED gel nail systems, and the vegan formulas provide two-coat coverage.

Trade: £4.79 each, three for £12 01827 280080

12 Matis Paris

The latest addition to the Response Body range, Cashmere-Mask, is a delicate mask for nourishing hands and feet. Providing comfort for all skin types, the mask can be used from ankle to toe and wrist to fingers, strengthening nails while softening the skin.

Trade: £11.96 0191 250 9229 (French Beauty Expert)

13 Voya

There are three new essential oils joining the Voya fragrance portfolio. Lift, featuring spearmint, rosemary and lavender, refreshes and revitalises. To soothe and offertranquillity, try Rest, with notes of lavender, lemon and rosemary. For those wanting to awaken and uplift, Zest (pictured) features uplifting eucalyptus, lime and rosemary.

RRP: £22 each +353 7191 61872

14 The Gel Bottle

Say hello to five new Hema-free BIAB (builder in a bottle) shades from The Gel Bottle, joining the existing line up of six Hema-free shades. Clients can choose from creamy pink Bon Bon, baby pink Rose Gold, ultimate white Meringue, pale pink Bebe or cool mauve Choux.

Trade: £18.50 each 0330 912 7902

15 Prolon

Prolon has developed two advanced supplements to support healthy ageing and gut health. L-Biome, designed to maintain a healthy microbiome, supports post-fasting gut health while maintaining the healthy ageing of multiple organs and systems in the body. L-Pill supports the body’s sustained energy, brain health, cardiovascular health, immune health, cellular protection and healthy ageing.

RRP: L-Biome £69, L-Pill £59 0333 320 2858

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