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Microbiome boost

Cosmeceutical products to maintain the health of your clients’ skin microbiome

1 Environ

The Anti-Pollution Spritz and Masque from Environ’s Focus Care Comfort+ range are designed to protect skin against free radicals and oxidative stress. The Anti-Pollution Spritz contains the targeted ingredient Actibiome, which assists in rebalancing the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin’s microbiome, as well as Pollustop, which helps to form a physical surface barrier to help protect the skin against atmospheric, UV and urban pollution.

Trade: £20 for the mask, £17.50 for the spritz

020 8450 2020


2 Hydropeptide

The Hydraflora Probiotic Essence is formulated with a prebiotic and probiotic complex to balance and strengthen the microflora on the skin’s surface, as well as providing hydration and optimising pH. A blend of botanical extracts packed with antioxidants brightens and protects skin from free radical damage, while coconut water and blue agave refine the look of pores for a smooth complexion.

Trade: £29.50

020 8868 4411


3 Dermalogica

The Micellar Prebiotic Precleanse first-step cleanser attracts and dissolves impurities, then rinses them away to prepare skin for the second step of cleansing. A prebiotic blend helps to balance the skin’s microbiome and boost its capacity for moisture retention, while emollient apricot kernel oil delivers antioxidant benefits and amino acid-rich cotton seed protein conditions and reinforces the skin’s barrier.

Trade: £23.70

0800 917 7147



CACI’s vegan-friendly Amino-Lift Peptide Complex serum contains a combination of clinically proven peptides, amino acids, plant proteins and vitamin C, to help to improve skin firmness and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. The ingredients work together to inhibit the contraction of the facial muscles responsible for the formation of lines and wrinkles. It also contains microbiome-nourishing ingredient oat kernel extract.

RRP: £45

020 8731 5678


5 Glutaceuticals

The 5-A-Day moisturiser offers a holistic approach to skin health. Glutathione, squalane and vitamin E work together to create an environment where the skin is better equipped to support a balanced microbiome. Ingredients like calendula and arnica can help minimise skin inflammation, creating a more favourable environment for beneficial micro-organisms to thrive. In addition, tea tree and propolis address harmful micro-organisms while safeguarding the balance of the skin’s microbiome.

RRP: £69

0330 111 8574


6 Is Clinical

Formulated with skin-loving, hydrating and soothing ingredients – including ferment extracts – the Copper Firming Mist helps to set make-up and keep skin hydrated and optimised. Botanical ingredients help stimulate skin’s collagen production for firmness and elasticity, as well as boasting a host of reparative and protective properties.

Trade: from £14.99

020 3868 6242


7 Estime & Sens

Velvety Cream provides an instant repairing effect for sensitive, weakened, damaged and dehydrated skin. It contains sunflower seed oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, acting to promote the reconstitution of the skin’s hydrolipidic film and protect the microbiome, while other ingredients’ anti-free radical action helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress.

Trade: from £3 to £19.50

0115 646 2220


8 Image Skincare

The Biome+ collection helps to restore the skin’s barrier function by creating an optimal skin environment. The collection features microbiome-friendly squalane in all the products: skin-nurturing Cleansing Comfort Balm which melts away make-up; Dew Bright Serum, which includes tiger grass and holy basil; and Smoothing Cloud Créme, which locks in hydration while boosting radiance.

Trade: balm £22.50, serum £40, cream £42

0345 504 0461


This article appears in November 2023

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November 2023
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Microbiome boost
Cosmeceutical products to maintain the health of your clients’ skin microbiome
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