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Dermaquest Re-Awakening Facial

Designed to work as a post-lockdown treatment, this oxygenating and hydrating facial works to bring sluggish skin back to life by improving tone and texture and reducing pigmentation. It is designed to provide deep exfoliation and help scavenge free radicals.

It begins with a double cleanse using Essential Daily Cleanser, before application of exfoliating mask Firming Enzyme Treatment Set, using a brush. Once the mask has been removed, Dermaprime is used to prep skin before Lactic Acid Resurfacer is applied for a second exfoliating step. The peel is then neutralised before the skin is enhanced with Skinbrite Solution then nourished with application of Hydrating Gel Mask, which is massaged into the skin. LED can then be used to enhance the effects, before final application of finishing products.

Dermpure recommends charging £65 for the 60-minute facial. 01932 339160 /

This month we tried… 111 Harley St. HydroFacial Plus

The lowdown: 111 Harley St. Clinic’s new multi-step facial cleanses, firms and rejuvenates using water-based technology as an exfoliant – not vortex technology like the normal HydroFacial. This process is combined with radiofrequency and cryotherapy to sculpt, and the complexion is bathed in hydrating ingredients from 111Skin’s professional product range.

The experience: I had my 60-minute treatment with therapist Rachael Myers, with the goal of getting the breakout on my chin and jaw line – caused by wearing a face covering – under control. Myers explained that she will only use the technologies that my skin needed at that time, so although cryotherapy is offered, I did not have it.

Myers worked to extract any deeply lodged impurities and hydrate the dermis using hydrodynamic technology, and the suction technology in this also helped reduce any water retention, giving me a more sculpted appearance. The device’s carbon oxygen handle was also used, which sends oxygen to treated areas, as well as the waterdimensional oxygen spray handle, which delivers 111Skin’s products deeper into the skin using high-speed jetting.

But my favourite part was the radiofrequency, which involves a probe to lift the facial contours, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and further rejuvenate the skin, using vibration frequencies to send radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue, promoting collagen regeneration.

The verdict: I felt like my skin had experienced a proper workout and my complexion looked brighter. However, I did suffer with purging in my areas of concern for a few days afterwards, but I knew this was a good sign as the treatment had increased my skin cell turnover rate.

Business benefits: With customers’ skin in a different state to what it was pre-pandemic, this is a brilliant way to help get their skin health back on track. The facial is customised every session and the technologies complement 111Skin’s professional products.

Tried by Amanda Pauley

111 Harley St. Clinic charges £250 for a 60-minute treatment. 0344 692 1111 /

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This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty