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There’s been a lot of debate this month about some key issues in the beauty industry. Firstly, the concept of quiet time – where customers can opt to have a treatment performed in complete silence after consultation – is growing in popularity, with 50% of you now giving clients this option as they struggle to get back to normal life post-pandemic. Find out how offering silent treatments has impacted three very different beauty business owners on page 57.

Secondly, figuring out which business area to focus on post-lockdown has been tough, with many areas needing to be addressed but with resource levels being low. Just under two thirds (57%) of you are looking at refining your marketing materials online and offline to draw more customers in, while more than two fifths (42%) are digging deep into their numbers to get a better grip on their finances so they can survive and thrive post-Covid-19.

On the spot

Which body care product are you retailing the most?

1. Cream (55%)

2. Exfoliator (22%)

3. Mask (7%)

4. Body brush (6%)

5. Cellulite cream (6%)

50% offer clients the option for a silent treatment

Which business area are you looking to improve on this year?

1. Refining your marketing (57%)

2. Getting a better grip on your finances (42%)

3. Boosting your PR with consumer and trade press (12%)

4. Updating your strategy for HR/recruiting (12%)

Which treatment for skin rejuvenation are your clients booking in for the most?

1. Microdermabrasion (23%)

2. Microneedling (19%)

3. Radiofrequency (16%)

4. Chemical peel (15%)

90% think massage therapy should be added to the NHS’s toolkit for social prescribing

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This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty