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Video: how to avoid therapist burnout

Amanda McLeod, former spa director of Spa Persona in Scotland, commented: “The best way to avoid/reduce therapist burnout is to critically re-examine the marketing and management strategy of the business, which is where the problem ultimately lies, and make productive, sound changes that reap profitability as well as retain staff and maintain their wellbeing.”

This month we asked you… do you feel that you charge what you’re worth in salon?

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@thetreatmentroomsbrighton: “Read Hellen Ward’s piece in the May issue on why the industry can’t stop pushing for Government support. Repayment plans for rent, VAT and corporation tax can all take a toll. Last year’s losses also have an impact on directors’ payments. Absolutely need a level playing field with hospitality for VAT reduction.”

@beautyloungewhitstable: “This article on ‘Covid-19: how the virus and vaccines can impact beauty treatments’ makes for a lot of understanding @candicegardner as personally I’ve felt unwell since my vaccination and I’ve seen a response in my skin.”

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Sam Pearce, founder of mental health initiative Low Ears, commented: “Reading the 45-page The Future of Spa and Wellness White Paper from @pro_beauty01. Amazing to see mental wellbeing for a productive and welcoming team as the number-one point. However, education is critical for this to work in real time. We need to teach the skills to safeguard the industry.”

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This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty