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Personal Touch

New launches help therapists to tailor treatments to clients’ personal skin and brow needs and we try some results-driven spa services

Lumenis Pro+

Lumenis is adding a three-in-one multi-modality platform to its portfolio of devices in the UK. Legend Pro+ offers three complementary radiofrequency (RF) technologies – TriPollar, Voluderm and TriFractional – for the face and body to target different layers of tissue individually and treat the causes of ageing. Tripollar triggers the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres through controlled heating of the deep dermis; Voluderm uses RF-assisted ultra-thin electrodes to create controlled micro wounds and trigger the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid; and TriFractional resurfaces and regenerates skin through the wound healing process to improve texture.

The device offers personalisation to respond to the needs of each patient and gives clinics a toolkit to address indications including non-invasive body circumference reduction, skin tightening, reduction of cellulite and treatment of wrinkles.

The new handpieces can provide real-time temperature readings with in-motion millisecond precision, in addition to a countdown timer display.

Lumenis recommends charging from £175 for a treatment. 020 4536 5418 /

Tried and tested… 3D HydrO2 facial

The lowdown: The 3D HydrO2 facial is one of 3D aesthetics’ most popular treatments. It uses seven different technologies for exfoliation, hydrating and lifting, including a hydro peel, oxygenation, electro ion lifting and radiofrequency for skin tightening. The experience: I was lucky enough to be among the first guests at the brand new 3D Aesthetics Medispa at Champneys Tring on its launch day, where I tried the facial with therapist Jessica Dodson. After consultation and gentle cleanse, Dodson began the hydro peel part of the treatment which uses a combination of three solutions containing AHAs, peptides and BHAs, applied with a vacuum head, for a deep cleanse. Next, the exfoliation step involved a capsule containing active ingredients including kojic acid. This step also triggers the Bohr effect, helping deliver oxygen to the skin.

Step three was a super-cooling oxygen spray, followed by electroporation, to prep the cells for product penetration. Radiofrequency is the next, optional, step and Dodson included it for me as I’d mentioned loss of elasticity was my main skin concern. It was very gently warming but my skin was then immediately cooled with a gel mask, over which application of ultrasound helps the active ingredients to penetrate further. The final step was the “Ice” element, where a cooling tip chilled my skin to decrease blood flow to the surface ad reduce any redness.

The verdict: I love a technology-based facial and the 3D HyrdrO2 packs a lot of them into a short space of time. It was a hot day when I tried the treatment, and the many cooling steps throughout made it a really pleasant experience. My skin felt plumped and firmed afterwards, without being left red or greasy. It left me with a glow that meant I could confidently go for dinner make-up free.

Business benefits: With hydrating, exfoliating facials trending at the moment, the 3D HydrO2 offers a great opportunity to reach a wide client base as it can be tailored to younger clients who want a cleanse and a glow, or for those with more mature skin who want to focus on lifting and tightening. And with so many different technologies it can pack a punch as an express 30-minute treatment or be lengthened for a more luxurious or intense experience.

3D Aesthetics recommends charging £100 per hour 01788 550440 /

Refectocil Intense Brow[n]s brow tint

Salon System has launched Intense Brow[n]s by Refectocil, a treatment protocol with new products designed to be particularly suitable for clients who react to a patch test with traditional oxidation tints – which has become increasingly common since Covid. The new range is free from PPD, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and henna. It has two primers in strong and medium, which are applied for four minutes to dehydrate the hair and skin. There is then a choice of four brown tints – cool-toned ash or black-brown, or warmer chocolate or deep brown. The tint is applied within a brow template and left for two minutes. After blotting dry, activating gel is applied for one minute using a clean brow brush within the lines of the template. The tint then stays on the skin for up to 10 days and on the hair for up to six weeks. With three techniques, brow techs can achieve a full powder brow, an ombre brow or brow filling.

Refectocil Intense Brow[n]s treatment kits cost £135. 020 8573 9907 /

Tried and tested…

#Bleisure at Bristol’s Aztec Spa

The lowdown: When I was invited to the gorgeous Aztec spa in Bristol after seeing that the spa had started doing business and leisure packages, calling it “Bleisure”, I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try. After all, there may be a lot of perks to being a beauty editor, but you’ve still got to find a way to get everything done, so the combination of work and wellness was just what I needed.

The experience: The spa was lovely, with gorgeous fresh flowers, wood furnishings and incredibly friendly staff. I was shown around the resort, which has a huge bar and dining area, a gym and a stunning spa that’s dimly lit, relaxing, and smells incredible thanks to the use of essential oils and Temple Spa products. Caudalie is the brand that Aztec Spa uses for its face treatments so it was really hard to turn down a facial, but I had just moved house and was pretty worn out, not to mention tense, so I opted for a back massage.

A Temple Spa oil with frankincense, lavender and patchouli was wafted under my nose to soothe and calm my nerves. Touch and massage can have a huge impact on how you feel – and this one absolutely did. Just having my lovely therapist Kara Houson’s warm hands on my back was so comforting, but as she worked up towards my shoulders, that’s where things got interesting. I had so much lactic acid buildup in the tops of my shoulders, that I could hear the crunching as she worked. Houson explained that was likely due to sitting hunched over a laptop and general stress.

She advised I should have regular massages at least once a month…as if I need an excuse. After the massage, I felt kind of euphoric, drowsy and relaxed, but as I had a bit more work to do I quickly got that done before I had dinner in the bar area. Around me, I noticed most people seemed to be there for a “bleisure” trip, which got me thinking about how much times had changed. A few years ago, working from home was barely a thing… let alone working from a spa. I’m here for it!

After dinner and a sauna and steam, I went for a swim before lying down in the luxurious white sheets of my double room. Sustainability is clearly important to Aztec Spa with great touches like refillable bottles in the fridge and plenty of refill points in the hallways where you could fill up your water to save energy.

The verdict: Weeks later and I am still feeling the benefits of the massage and have vowed to take massage more seriously. I am experiencing less pain and stiffness, and on the night of the treatment I slept like a baby. The massage I had was not on the treatment menu so I am really grateful to Houson for personalising the treatment to give me what my body needed.

Business benefits: Group trips can bring in great revenue but it’s not all about the bridal parties and Mother’s Day. With work being one of the modern world’s main stressors, “bleisure” breaks provide a great way for spas to boost bookings one those traditionally quieter midweek days.

Massage prices start from £76. 01454 201090 /

This article appears in August 2023

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August 2023
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