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Hands-on therapy and advanced technologies come together in this month’s pick of the new treatments hitting salons and clinics

Obagi Skintrinsiq facials

Cosmeceutical brand Obagi has launched its first device, Skintrinsiq, into the UK. The machine uses Obagi’s trademarked InfuseIQ pneumatic technology in its facial protocols to help deliver its products deeper into the skin.

During a facial, the machine gently lifts the upper layers of the skin, opening channels and allowing impurities to be extracted. Obagi products are then applied and the device uses positive and negative pressure, at tailored intervals and strengths, to lift and release skin. This allows active ingredients to be more thoroughly absorbed and “locked” into the skin. Red or blue LED light can then be used to address ageing or bacteria-based concerns without adding treatment time.

Distributor Healthxchange recommends charging £120-£150 for a 30-minute treatment. 0330 995 7999 /

Tried and tested… Inverness piercing

The lowdown: The Inverness ear piercing system involves a hygienic instrument, rather than a gun, which is hand-pressured and designed to pierce in one smooth movement. It has fully enclosed earring capsules that keep the earrings and safety backs sterile prior to piercing, and after piercing the exclusive Inverness safety backs aid healing by allowing airflow to the area and stopping the piercing from being too tight. The system is safe for use in the earlobe and outer ear cartilage but is not suitable for inner-ear cartilage piercings.
The experience: The PB editorial team visited the Inverness stand at Professional Beauty North, where we had consultations to decide where we wanted our piercings and to choose our earrings. Our piercings were then done by Gemma Spinks, Inverness brand and training executive, who sterilised our ears before using the piercing instrument. When our piercings were complete, we were each given a bottle of cleansing solution along with instructions on how to keep our new piercings clean to prevent infection.
The verdict: We loved the range of earring styles and the choice of metal colours – including 18ct, 14ct and 9ct gold, 24ct gold plate, medical grade stainless steel and medical grade titanium – which meant we were guaranteed to find a style to match our existing piercings. All of the team already had multiple piercings, and the ones we received using the Inverness system were less painful than others we’ve had in the past. We’ve had no issues with our piercings, and they are healing well.
Business benefits: Piercing is often an impulsive decision, so having the Inverness system makes piercing an easy add-on to existing services, which will be noticed by clients when they visit for other treatments.

Inverness provides a safe system with training and ongoing support, including marketing and advice on how to set retail prices. Ultimately, the business owner sets the price, usually with a 2.5-3% markup dependent on the style of earring selected by the client. For the complete piercing experience, Inverness recommends incorporating the aftercare solution in the price, although this can be purchased as a standalone product with an RRP of £4.99.

Tried by Eve Oxberry, Kezia Parkins, Ellen Cummings and Lollie Hancock

Inverness recommends charging from £14.99 per piercing. 01233 828718 /

Tried and tested… Su-Man Ultimate Glow Facial with Zemits technology

The lowdown: Facialist Su-Man Hsu’s recently launched Ultimate Glow Facial combines high-performance products from her own skincare line with facial massage techniques and radiofrequency technology for a deeply cleansing and hydrating result in just 45 minutes.
The experience: I arrived at the Sofitel London St James and was taken down to the hotel’s spa – So Spa – where Su-Man currently has a residency.

After I’d filled out a consultation form to cover allergies, skin type and medical history, Su-Man came to meet me in the reception area before taking me down to her treatment room.

The nine-step treatment began with Su-Man analysing my skin and what it needed. She told me it was a little dehydrated and showing signs of stress.

The facial then began with a double cleanse while steaming the skin, which hydrates and helps products to penetrate deeper. The steaming also helped to open pores, which prepped my skin for manual extraction of blemishes.

Su-Man followed by using her exfoliating polish, combined with Zemits’ Skin Scrubber, a high-frequency ultrasound device that helps to extract and exfoliate while infusing the products into the skin and stimulating its metabolic function.

Su-Man’s facials combine technology with manual massage, and she followed the exfoliation step with a pressure-point massage to release tension. She told me people often ask what device she’s using at this point of the treatment, when in reality it’s her own hands.

Following the massage, her Toning Essence and Brightening Serum are applied and worked into the skin using Zemits’ GlacierFacial Galvanic Therapy device on the hot setting, which was then followed by the Facial Glow Mask, used with the same device on a cold setting.

The treatment finished with a head and neck massage, and my skin was hydrated by the Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream as a final step.
The verdict: The treatment left me feeling super glowy and hydrated, and I immediately felt the difference in the tightness due to how dehydrated my skin was prior to the treatment.
Business benefits: At 45 minutes long, the treatment is ideal for clients who want a quick skin boost. The facial is also great for those who want to combine the benefits of technology with manual massage and facial techniques.

Su-Man charges £220 for this 45-minute treatment. /

Espa Life Restorative Wellness treatments

Espa is placing greater focus on mental and physical wellbeing with the launch of Espa Life Restorative Wellness, a new suite of treatments that blend holistic practices with scientific techniques and machinebased technology.

There are five pillars: Resilience, Nurture, Reflection, Purify and Vitality, and under each sit massages, facials and speciality treatments. The concept is also divided into two systems “Holisticology” and “Mindful Wellbeing”, with each treatment created to work in synergy with the systems of both body and mind.

Hero treatments in the new collection include the 90-minute Cryotherapy Facial, which combines machinebased cold vapour, active ingredients and marma and meridian massage; the two-hour Immune Fortifying Ritual, which features lymphatic compression massage using a Body Ballancer machine and a fortifying body massage; and the two-hour Nurture Ritual, which features marine mud body envelopment, warm oil body massage, LED light therapy to the face and a scalp massage with rose quartz crystals.

Prices for the new treatments at Espa Life Corinthia range from £235–£385. 01606 336349 /

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