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The new year is fast approaching, and this period can often be a time when people consider making changes in their life – including their job. Keeping your employees happy and on board with your business is an important part of running a successful spa, so we asked what you think is the best way of retaining staff. Offering additional training to improve skills and increase value was the most popular option among spas (33%), while increasing salary (20%) and strong team bonds (19%) were also seen as being effective.

Changes may also come in the form of your treatment offering, with a seemingly never-ending list of options to update your spa. Almost half of you (48%) are now offering, or considering offering, reflexology, and new trends such as movement therapy (18%) and sound therapy (46%) are also under consideration.

On the spot

What is the most effective method of retaining staff?

1. Offering training to increase their skillset (33%)

2. Increasing their salary (20%)

3. Building respect and strong team bonds (19%)

4. Positive feedback (15%)

5. Being flexible (13%)

34% have had clients ask for proof of their qualifications

Do you offer, or are you considering offering, any of these in your spa?

1. Reflexology (48% )

2. Sound therapy (46%)

3. Fitness practitioner (41%)

4. Physiotherapy (33%)

5. Acupuncture (27%)

6. Movement therapy (18%)

7. Thermal treatments (12%)

8. CBD treatments (9%)

Month in numbers

73% average treatment room occupancy in October

This article appears in December 2022

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December 2022
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