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@beautyclassics.elizabeth: “I think the most profitable treatments are whatever your own personal or salon treatment room strength is.It’s important to find your niche and have the courage of your convictions. The worst thing [you can] do is jump onto every in-fashion treatment.”

@Rachel Cooper: “[National Living Wage increasing to £8.91 per hour in 2021] – bloody hell, we’ve had 21 weeks off, Rishi Sunak! Don’t think now is the right time for salons to increase wages.”


Will you be setting goals to make your salon or spa more sustainable in 2021?

89% YES

11% NO

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Beauty therapists: how to cope when a long-standing client dies

Harriet Maylin, owner of Total Looks in Harpenden, commented: “It’s always heart-breaking. After nearly 40 years as a therapist, I still cry and I’m so upset for days. In our profession we really do care about our clients; that’s why we do the job we do. We want to help our clients all the time, give them support and make them beautiful. It’s never easy when you lose a lovely client.”

Helaina Gunner, owner of Therapy Skin & Brows in Coolalinga, commented: “I have been to two of my long-term clients’ funerals… If you feel comfortable to go then you should go, pay your respects and say goodbye. You’re allowed to be sad, you’re allowed to grieve. You may just be their beauty therapist to everyone else but to them you were special and they trusted you, so much to share the stories and secrets of their lives.”

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Marian Newman to launch Federation of Nail Professionals to represent sector

Pennie Rodgers, owner of Nail Creative in Elmswell, commented: “So pleased that my sector will finally have its own federation to support professionals and to push for legislation and regulations to improve the entire industry.”

Vanessa Lloyd Moore, owner of The Powder Room in Monton, commented: “At last – someone to represent the nail industry on its own merits ♥”

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This article appears in the January 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty