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November was an unusual month for the beauty industry with salons in many places in the UK in a second coronavirus lockdown. As such, your digital services were your biggest revenue driver during this time, with nearly a third (28%) of clients buying from your online shop and just under a fifth (18%) investing in treatment vouchers to use when you finally reopen. Facebook Messenger was the number-one way you connected with customers during this time too.

More than half (59%) of you said lockdown 2.0 has been financially tougher than the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020. So, it’s not surprising to learn that this second enforced closure has had an impact on your mental health too, with two thirds stating they’ve been struggling.

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On the spot

59% say lockdown 2.0 was financially tougher than the first one

What online services earned you the most money during lockdown 2.0?

1. Online shop (28%)

2. Digital vouchers (18%)

3. Consultations (6%)

4. Training for professionals (6%)

5. Masterclasses/tutorials (3%)

62% did home deliveries of products to clients during lockdown

66% have been struggling with their mental health during lockdown

How full was your appointment book for December while in lockdown?

1. 70% (19%)

2. 50% (13%)

3. 100% (13%)

4. 60% (12%)

What was your core method of communication with clients during lockdown?

1. Facebook Messenger (34%)

2. Email (31%)

3. WhatsApp (15%)

4. SMS messaging (9%)

5. Instagram DMs (3%)

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