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Advanced Nutrition Programme

New from skin supplement brand Advanced Nutrition Programme comes Skin Clear Biome. Working from the inside-out, the product aims to clarify, brighten and balance the skin’s natural barrier and calm gut flora. The product rejuvenates compromised, problem or stressed skin. It synergises the microbiome technology of four skin-specific strains of beneficial bacteria (S-boulardii, B-bifidum, L-helveticus, L-paracasei) with zinc, known for its positive effects on the skin and its protection from oxidative stress.

Trade: £27.50 for a 60-day supply
020 8450 2020 (IIAA)

Image Skincare

Image Skincare has released a 100ml deluxe size of its Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum. Featuring vitamin C to brighten and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, the serum locks in moisture to support plump, youthful-looking skin. The product also includes an antioxidant blend to defend against environmental aggressors such as pollution and palmitoyl oligopeptide to encourage skin elasticity and firmness.

Trade: £65
0345 504 0461


Luxury beauty brand Heaven Skincare has unveiled its latest line of defence for anti-ageing. Created by founder Deborah Mitchell, this collection of seven vitamins and minerals are designed to promote a healthy complexion from the inside-out. The range includes Inner Divine with vitamin C, Inner Shine with vitamin D, Inner Serum with omega-3, and Inner Age Defiance with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Ingredients such as nettle extract and royal jelly also feature in supplements Inner Nettle Shoots and Inner Bee-ing.

RRP: £37
01952 462505


For Veganuary, BeautyPro has launched the Plant Based Range of sheet masks. Each is infused with a superfood to treat an array of skin concerns. The sheet masks include nourishing Coconut, soothing Rose, rejuvenating Herb and hydrating Avocado. The range is completed by the re-energising Turmeric mask and brightening Pumpkin mask. BeautyPro sheet masks are plastic-free, vegan friendly and cruelty-free, with ingredients sustainably sourced from ethical suppliers and 100% recyclable packaging.

Trade: £3.09
01273 323232


Wellness equipment manufacturer Gharieni has launched new spa table the MLW NEO – a development of the MLW Classic. The new table’s hand switch, featuring Gharieni’s double-click technology, can be controlled intuitively and plugged in on both sides of the bed, ensuring more flexibility for the therapist. The table also features an integrated heating system and automatic locking function to ensure safety.

Price on application
+49 (0) 2841 883 0050

The London Brow Company

The London Brow Company has created the Luxury Gold Crème Silk Warm Wax, infused with essential oils and a lime and coconut fragrance. The wax is hypoallergenic, leaving skin soothed with minimal redness, no irritation and no risk of allergic reaction. The product is also vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Trade: £12.99
0800 334 5373


Marvelash has added new products to its range – D Curl 0.20 Volume lashes, featuring a double split tip for a feathery effect; the new C Curl 0.07 Mermaid interlacing lashes, for building the natural lash line; and the Easy Fan Pad. Also new are Super Fast Glue to increase speed of application and the gentle Cream Remover.

Trade: £13.95 for D Curl; £16.95 for C Curl; £4.95 for Easy Fan Pad; £19.95 for Super Fast Glue; £11.95 for Cream Remover
020 8573 9907 (Salon System)

Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche’s new formulation of the Crème Iso-Placenta treats acne-damaged skin. The product is plant-based and features biomimetic placenta to mimic the growth factors of the human placenta, maracuja oil for healing, centella extract to promote cell regeneration, and vitamin B3 to stimulate cellular renewal and improve signs of ageing. The cream also includes yeast extract to help detoxify cells, and stabilised vitamin C to stimulate collagen and protect from free radicals.

Price on application
020 3358 0020


Environ has launched two products to protect against environmental aggressors, such as vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke and particulate matter, and ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation. The Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz offers a lightweight, invisible shield, rebalancing the skin’s microbiome and featuring vitamin C, phytonutrient plant extract and niacinamide. Meanwhile, the Focus Care Comfort+ Anti- Pollution Masque is formulated with Japanese charcoal to absorb pollutant impurities and hydrate skin, leaving it revitalised.

Trade: £17.50 for Anti-Pollution Spritz; £20 for Anti-Pollution Masque
020 8450 2020 (IIAA)

Crystal Clear

New from skincare brand Crystal Clear is the Quartz Powerball Miracle Eye Serum. With a quartz roller ball, the serum has a cooling effect, stimulating blood flow to depuff and soften the first signs of ageing. With hyaluronic acid and phycojuvenine, the eye area is left rehydrated and oxygenated, with the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles reduced.

Trade: £19.99
0151 709 7227

The Aftercare Company

New from The Aftercare Company is Micro Aftercare, a treatment balm to be used after microblading, micropigmentation and semipermanent make-up procedures. Rich in vitamins A, D and E, the balm gives longevity to treatments and protects, supports and aids the skin. The balm is vegan friendly and paraben-free, with no chemical or artificial ingredients.

Trade: £7.45
0151 355 3000


Salon System has launched Naturalash Strip Lash Multipacks, featuring five pairs of lashes. The multipacks come in the Naturalash styles Texture 109 and Texture 117, providing lash artists with the kit they need to create a wispy lash effect that is quick and easy to apply. The lashes offer up to 18 hours of wear and come with adhesive.

Trade: £9.30 for Texture 109; £13.15 for 117
020 8573 9907 (Salon System)

CryoSlim Hybrid

Delivering homogenous cooling, the new CryoSlim Hybrid is an efficient method of fat reduction in adipose tissue. With User Assist, it analyses the composition, resistance, density and volume of fats, and cross referencing data, resulting in a treatment tailored to the specific needs of each area. The machine is also equipped with four Peltiers which achieve high precision across targeted zones, and distribute the cold in several directions.

Price on application
01462 481500

Hive Solutions

Hive Solutions has released a new Hand Cleanser with 70% alcohol volume, killing 99.99% of germs. The convenient, no-rinse sanitising gel provides an effective cleansing action, killing germs, and leaving hands refreshed. The formula is vegan friendly, contains no parabens and is cruelty-free. It has a fruity pineapple, peppermint and spearmint fragrance.

Trade: £2.67
0845 450 4802

Harley Waxing

Harley Waxing’s Ingrown Hair Solution addresses bumps and irritation after waxing, leaving skin smoother. Packed with plant extracts, arnica and allantoin, the solution is natural and can be used every day until any irritation has cleared up. With continued use clients will see a clearer, more polished finish to the skin after waxing.

Trade: £14.82
0845 612 1944

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This article appears in the January 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty