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The services provided by spas are an important part of many people’s wellbeing, and this is even more crucial for clients with cancer. Access to spa treatments can improve their wellbeing as well as helping with aftereffects of cancer treatment, such as skin dryness and muscle aches. Being able to provide cancer-safe treatments is key to inclusivity. When we asked which cancer-safe treatments you offer, body massage was most common, offered by 79% of respondents, followed by facials (64%) and head/scalp massages (50%).

While spa therapists help to improve the lives of their clients, there are others who improve the working lives of those within the industry. These leaders can come from all sectors, evidenced by your responses when we asked who in the spa industry inspired you the most – from business coaches, to designers, managers and directors.

On the spot

Which cancer-safe treatments do you offer?

1. Body massage (79%)

2. Facials (64%)

3. Head/scalp massage (50%)

4. Nails (43%)

5. Reflexology (21%)

7. Aromatherapy (14%)

51% have an online shop

Who in the spa industry inspires you the most?

1. Jeremy McCarthy, group director of spa for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

2. Millie Kendall, founder and chief executive of the British Beauty Council

3. Valerie Delforge, expert business coach

4. Sven Huckenbeck, spa director and concept designer

5. Sue Williams, general manager at Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa

Month in numbers

How did treatment business in March 2023 compare with March 2022?

How did retail business in March 2023 compare with March 2022?

65% Average treatment room occupancy in March

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May 2023
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