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Gelida Medica Waves 21

Gelida Medica’s Waves 21 treatment combines cryotherapy with a holistic aspect, stepping away from the traditional cup device with a wide handheld piece to cover a larger area of the body.

The treatment combines three independent technologies; gentle electro-stimulation of the metameres – the 11 muscular bands along the spine responsible for sending signals from the brain to the organs – to revitalise the organ activity, apoptosis to permanently remove fat cells, and violet LED to address poor lymphatic circulation, localised fat and cellulite, relax muscles and nerves, and energise the body’s organs.

Targeting subcutaneous and visceral fat, the cold handle allows therapists to move and sculpt to the body’s natural form, combining cold temperatures as low as -15°C with the LED to permanently remove fat cells and help with poor lymphatic circulation.

The treatment, which lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, and also uses metameric massage to restore and rebalance the body’s natural physiological process, emitting a sinusoidal waveform to stimulate the metameres through the nervous system.

Gelida Medica says that Waves21 can be performed every two weeks, with no downtime, side effects, bruising, swelling or pain.

Gelida Medica recommends charging between £200 and £300 per treatment, with a course of up to six treatments for best results.

Urban Retreat face and body treatments

Starting life in the iconic Knightsbridge Urban Retreat spa, the Urban Retreat product brand has been acquired by Acti-labs and now offers a range of treatments available to new salon and spa accounts, from express facials to full-body services. Each facial begins with the UR Personal Skincare Plan and UR Double Cleanse, followed by the facial and products suitable for the skin type and concerns identified.

The Express Facial is a one-hour, 10-step treatment, performed with or without steam. The Classic Facial adds a facial massage element, as well as a mask in a 16-step treatment to deep-cleanse, exfoliate, rejuvenate and moisturise.

The Eternal Facial, lasting either 75 minutes, or 90 minutes if the client requires microcurrent or radiofrequency, works to give an instant lifting and smoothing effect.

Body treatments include the 60-minute Bacial as well as a full-body treatment that builds on the Bacial with the addition of a back massage and facial.

Urban Retreat recommends pricing from around £40 for the Classic Facial.

Tried and tested… Million Dollar Mini Facial

The lowdown: The Million Dollar Mini Facial is a 10-step, 45-minute treatment that works as an introduction to Million Dollar Facial products and treatments. The treatment, which also works as a “booster facial”, is suitable for all skin types and targets all skin concerns through the combination of a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, and moisturiser, using the appropriate products for each client’s skin needs.

The experience: Before my facial began, I filled out a detailed consultation form addressing my current skin concerns, routine, health history and any specific areas I wanted to target. Million Dollar Facial senior educator Kate Lowrey then began my treatment with a pre cleanse using the Million Dollar Remove+, before conducting a full skin analysis.

After a deep cleanse, she used Million Dollar Exfoliating Scrub, which contains glycolic acid and quartz to stimulate and polish the skin. Million Dollar Potion was then used to tone and remove excess product ahead of the bit I was most looking forward to – lymphatic drainage massage.

Lowrey applied the brand’s serum to hydrate before using the Ice Globes for the massage, which worked to drain lymphatic fluid, enhance circulation and oxygenate the skin, leaving my face sculpted and depuffed.

The brand’s Mask was then applied to promote collagen and elastin, before Million Dollar Medi+ Niacinamist due to my skin being a bit on the congested side.

Lowrey then stimulated eye circulation using the i-Tx eye cream, before finishing the treatment by applying the appropriate serum or ampoule (in my case the Radiate serum), and finally pressing in the Million Dollar SPF50 to seal in the products and protect the skin.

The verdict: The way my skin was glowing after the facial was seriously impressive for a 45-minute treatment, with the lymphatic drainage making it appear extremely sculpted. My skin felt smooth and soft, creating the perfect base for make-up ahead of a big event.

Business benefits: If you offer Million Dollar Facial treatments in your salon or spa, this facial is the perfect way to introduce your clients to the brand. As the treatment only lasts 45 minutes, it’s a good option for clients who are pressed for time or looking for a quick skincare boost.

Million Dollar Facial recommends charging £50 for the 45-minute treatment. 0151 499 3555 /

Epsa Modern Alchemy Treatments

Modern Alchemy is a collection of three rituals influenced by different stages of the moon cycle. Each begins with a foot bath using grounding crystals.

For the Harmonising Ritual, Anointing Oil is then smoothed onto the hands in slow circular motions.

Therapists then use the Kansa wand, a curved Indian tool believed to calm the nervous system, in massage cycles over the body.

In the Empowering Ritual, the Anointing Oil nourishes skin as swift massage movements are performed, balancing the energy centres. Long strokes and firm pressure on the base of the muscle tissues are intensified with the use of green jade rollers to release tension.

The Tranquillity Ritual sees Purifying Polish massaged into the whole body. Following a shower, the client changes into a pair of warm cotton pyjamas before the feet are massaged. The treatment then turns to the head with deep strokes across the scalp, jawbone and behind the ears before focus shifts to the third eye with a Shirodhara treatment of warm oil onto the forehead.

Espa charges £300 for each treatment.


This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Professional Beauty