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The law says that if you employ at least one person, you must have employers’ liability insurance”, says NBF chief executive Hilary Hall. “You can be fined £2,500 for each day you don’t have this insurance, and £1,000 if you do not display your employers’ liability certificate.” Find out more about employers’ liability insurance at

Protect your clients

“Although not required by law, public liability insurance is vital protection for your beauty salon”, says Hall. “It will protect your business against claims that could run into many thousands of pounds.

“This insurance will cover you if a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged at your salon or as a result of your business activities. ‘Injury’ includes both physical harm and emotional distress and your public liability insurance will cover the legal costs of defending a claim and any compensation you may be ordered to pay.”

Find out more at You and your employees must have the required training and qualifications for the types of treatment you want to offer in your salon. “Your insurance policy will not cover treatments the therapist is not qualified to carry out”, warns Hall. “Our detailed fact sheet will help you check if you and your employees have the right level of qualifications and experience for the treatments they offer.” Download the fact sheet at

Cover all bases

“You will also need to consider other types of business insurance”, advises Hall. “For example, buildings and contents, equipment breakdown, protection against loss of cash in transit, and business disruption.” See business-disruption for more info. NBF members benefit from discounted rates on specialist insurance from Coversure for beauty salons and beauty therapists. Find out more at

Coversure’s standard Salonsure insurance policies come with a 20% discount for NBF members and include employers’ liability, public and product liability, and treatment insurance for fully qualified therapists up to Level 3.

If you offer beauty treatments requiring qualifications above Level 3, you will need additional insurance. Coversure also offers insurance for a range of advanced beauty treatments at

Guard against claims

“Your priority will be to keep your employees and clients safe as well as protecting your business against potentially expensive claims”, says Hall. “Our beauty health and safety toolkit includes everything you need to stay safe and legal in your salon, including an in-depth guide, risk assessment templates, health and safety poster, health and safety policy, and first aid kit.”

NBF members can buy it at the discounted price of £80 (full price to non-members is £115). Find out more at nhf. info/beautyH&Skit

For less than 75p a day, the National Beauty Federation (NBF) will help you boost your business while keeping you safe, legal and bang up to date with all the latest business laws. You’ll wonder what you did without us. The NBF is the sister trade association of the National Hairdressers Federation (NHF). Find out more at

Join the NBF before the end of May 2019 and quote PBM25 to get £25 off your membership fee.

Join online at Or call us on 01234 831965

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This article appears in the May 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty