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Two new products are being added to Elemis’s Peptide4 range. Plumping Pillow Facial is a lightweight mask that nourishes dehydrated skin, with star arvensis oil, speedwell extract, red seaweed and the brand’s bio functional tetrapeptide (Peptide4); while Adaptive Day Cream boosts skin’s defences against environmental aggressors and includes mattifying mineral microspheres to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The brand is also launching Frangipani Monoi Hair & Scalp Mask, with kau pe flower extract to soften and pink clay to remove product build up.

RRP: £52 for Pillow Facial, £50 for Adaptive Day Cream, £33 for Hair & Scalp Mask 0117 316 1888


SBC’s Refreshing Watermelon summer collection comprises two products to hydrate. Skincare Gel can be used on the face and body and contains glycerin to help lock in moisture, while Shower Gel & Shampoo is formulated with vitamin B5 and plantasil, an ingredient that helps prevent hair breakage. The conditioning gel deeply cleanses without stripping skin and hair of natural oils. Along with watermelon, the products’ fragrance blends notes of strawberry, grapefruit, redcurrant and peach.

Trade: from £6 for the 250ml shower gel 01449 727070


Yes, I Do is the first bridal collection from CND. Available in Shellac gel-polish and Vinylux longwear polish, the line comprises four neutral shades. White Wedding taps into the white nail trend, Bouquet offers up a super-subtle hint of pink, Veiled is a soft cream tone and Forever Yours is a slightly deeper pink.

Trade: £13.95 per Shellac, £4.95 per Vinylux shade 0333 000 7000 (Sweet Squared)

Mii Cosmetics

The make-up brand has developed an adaptable modular compact display for salons and spas. It offers three key trend focuses – highlighting, bridal and bronzing – with the opportunity to switch between different collections and campaign imagery within one display. Each look uses nine display products. Mii is also launching a new product for spring. Forever Eye Colour Crayon is available in four matte shades: Mocha, Dusty Rose, Sandstone and Burnt Copper.

Trade: from £241.77 for the display unit; £8.50 each for the eye crayons 0345 217 1360 (Gerrard International)


The new collection from Gelish is a collaboration with Paramount Pictures on its Elton John biopic Rocketman. The seven-piece Rocketman Summer 2019 collection features six shades, including bright pink Tickle My Keys, rich purple Just Me & My Piano and sunny yellow Glow Like A Star, as well as Bedazzle Me, a glitter overlay that adds a sparkle to any of the colours.

Trade: £119.94 for collection; £19.99 each for Gelish; £16.99 each for Gelish Dip 01708 465900 (Nail Harmony)

HD Brows

The brow brand has reformulated its Pro Pencil to be creamier and therefore gentler on the skin, with a higher colour pay-off. The new formulation is available in black, with three more shades soon to be released. It now features indentations under the tip of the pencil, making it easier for technicians to expose new layers of pencil lead, which is then shaved on both sides using a special tool to create a fine tip.

RRP: £18 0113 224 7908

Image Skincare

Masks are a key focus for Image Skincare this month. Purifying Probiotic Masque features a blend of yogurt-based probiotics and antioxidant superfruits, as well as vitamins and minerals to target dullness, plus green clay and charcoal to purify pores. Also new is Firming Transformation mask, which has a shimmering blue formula and is designed to fight skin stressors. Meanwhile, both the Anti-ageing and the Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Masks have been reformulated.

RRP: £49 for Purifying Probiotic; £59 for Firming Transformation; £35 for five sheet masks 0345 504 0461


The new 24K Collection uses white beeswax as a foundation, with the addition of active ingredients. The first product to launch in this new line is Charcoal D/Tox Hot Film Wax Pellets 500g. Activated charcoal is included to draw toxins from within the pores, leaving skin cleansed as well as hair-free. The pliable hot wax is particularly suitable for specialist waxing such as beard shaping or nose and eyebrow waxing.

Trade: £7.40 0845 450 4802

Light Elegance

One Scoop or Two? Is the spring collection from Light Elegance, available in Color Gels and the best-selling Glitter Gels. With ice cream-themed names such as Two Straws, One Shake and A Lotto Gelato, the six colours include creamy corals, bright pinks and dark silver. Also new for spring is the ButterCream First Date collection, with six shades including creamy mauve Giddy Girl and soft pink Butterflies.

Trade: £14.95 0333 000 7000 (Sweet Squared)

Spotlight Caudalie Suncare range

With 14,000 tonnes of sun cream discharged onto coral reefs every year, the pressure is on for beauty companies to come up with innovative formulas that are effective but also eco-friendly. French skincare brand Caudalie has achieved just that with its new five-piece Suncare Range, which claims to protect skin from UVA and UVB while not harming marine life.

The lotions are made up of four environmentally-safe sun filter molecules, formulated at a lower dosage than the market average, alongside the brand’s patented antioxidant complex which contains polyphenols from grape seeds, spruce extract and vitamin E, to protect skin from oxidative stress and stop premature ageing.

The brand has avoided using filters known to be toxic to eco-systems like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are said to kill thousands of marine life each year, and the products have received a scientific guarantee validating its nontoxicity on algae.

The range comprises Anti- Wrinkle Face Suncare SPF 30 and SPF 50, a lightweight cream which protects against the sun’s rays while keeping dehydration at bay; Beautifying Suncare Oil SPF 30, a dry oil which blends grapeseed oil with sesame and sunflower oil to achieve a healthy, radiant tan; and Milky Sun Spray SPF 30 and SPF 50, a light-texture spray suitable for sensitive skin that provides protection from head to toe.

The products are water-resistant, do not contain hydrosoluble filters and are highly biodegradable, which is essential to protecting the marine environment, and fragranced with frangipani flowers.

RRP: from £18 to £21 020 7720 7111


The German skincare brand has launched a limitededition range of ampoule concentrates for summer, with the aim to inspire body confidence. Each ampoule in the six-piece The Art of Beautiful Skin set is named after a “strong beauty power”. Glow Addict is designed for dehydrated skin, containing hyaluronic acid, peptide P3 and glow pigments; Vitamin Diva is for dull complexions, with provitamin B5 and vitamins A and E; Night Lover rebalances tired skin overnight; Detox Angel clarifies with microalgae; Ageless Hero regenerates skin using yellow horned poppy; and Hemp Rebel contains natural hemp seed oil to treat signs of stress.

RRP: £19.90–£29.90 per box of seven 020 7287 7775


Prisma Protect SPF30 not only defends against damaging UV rays but uses advanced light-activated intelligent drone technology to boost the skin’s natural luminosity, plus a bioferment from sage to even tone. It also contains plantderived hydrators.

The brand has also launched Redness Relief Essence, a toner and serum hybrid that cools skin using liquorice root extract and aloe vera, while propanediol and piperonyl glucoside target inflammation and salvia officinalis extract strengthens the lipid barrier.

RRP: £58 for Prisma, £38 for Redness Relief Essence 0800 917 7147

Moroccan Tan

Moroccan Tan’s Tanner’s Choice Trio Sample Pack is a limited-edition kit containing three of the brand’s best-selling solutions. Put together to introduce tanning therapists to the range, the kit includes Accelerated, Nights and Original formulas in 125ml bottles. Accelerated delivers a dark tan with an intense finish when washed off after just 30 minutes, while Original gives a medium bronze colour and Nights is the brand’s deepest most “exotic” tan, enhanced with violet bronzers.

Trade: £14.95 0333 000 7000 (Sweet Squared)


Protecting your clients’ nail health has never been easier thanks to Jessica’s new Phenom Base Coat, packed with calcium, aloe vera, and vitamins A and C to protect against breakage. The brand has also launched two high-shine metallics for summer, Gleaming Gold and Pearly Platinum, both available in Custom Colour and Geleration.

Trade: £6.75 for Phenom Base Coat, £5.50 for each Custom Colour, £17.75 for each Geleration colour 0345 201 0825 (Gerrard International)

Katherine Daniels

Total Skin Repair Concentrate is formulated to help boost the skin’s defence against the visible indications of ageing and repair damage caused by pollution particles, UV and blue light. The lightweight gel formula features key ingredients including fibroblast growth factors, antioxidants and peptides, as well as oxygenating rhodella violacea microalgae and flax seed extract to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

RRP: £48 01767 682288


OTO is a new brand of CBD oil products available to salons and spas to retail. Developed by a food scientist and former fashion designer, the products contain a pure concentration of 20% CBD oil, which is mixed with an essential oil blend and packaged in a rollon format to be applied to pulse points. There are three to choose from – Focus, with rosemary, ylang ylang and peppermint; Amplify, with bergamot, bitter orange and sandalwood; or Balance, a blend of lavender, chamomile and cajeput.

RRP: £109 for 8ml 020 3963 5955

Delfy Cosmetics

New from the make-up brand is a collection of nine professional brushes made from synthetic fibres. There are three eye brushes: N2 Eye Shadow, N3 Eye Shadow Blending and N4 Eye Shadow Flat Blending; two foundation brushes: N5 and the angled N6; the N7 Cosmetic Brush made from “special degree” nylon for skincare application; in addition to N8 Contour/ Blush, N9 Mixed Hair Powder and N10 Contouring.

Trade: from £3.90 07452 030876

Neom Organics

New from the organic aromatherapy brand is Magnesium Body Butter, in Real Luxury and Perfect Night’s Sleep scents. The 100% natural formula contains magnesium – which, for most people, is better absorbed through the skin than through consumption – for wellbeing benefits such as improved sleep quality. Each tube contains 75mg per 5ml of product. Other ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood.

RRP: £36 for 200ml 01423 878810

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