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Alison Young (@AliYoungBeauty):

Lovely to catch up with @georgiaseago from @pro_beauty to talk professional qualifications, trade shows, therapy standards and brands. It was great to meet a fellow enthusiast celebrating how diverse our industry is.


Do you ever experience staff rivalry in your salon?





CJ (@DesertIsleSkin):

Glad to read the “UK men more likely to buy genderless beauty products” story. I’ve been on a mission to educate men that there are so many products they can use and see a benefit from that don’t have “for men” in the name.

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Two new beauty salon docuseries set to hit UK screens

Jolene Young, beauty therapy learning assistant at Moray College UHI, commented: “I would have preferred The £200 Salon Turnaround to get a proper run. It really showed those wanting to work/working in the industry how to get a salon running successfully and wasn’t trashy reality TV.”

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Government recommends licences for nail salons to tackle modern slavery

Sally Sullivan, owner of Sally Nail and Beauty Care, commented: “I agree 100% with licensing for hair and beauty salons so employees can be regularly checked for professionalism. It doesn’t have to be an expensive licence, even just a £10 token fee to the salon.”

Deborah Selfridge, owner of Lash and Brow UK, commented: “About time this was done and greatly welcomed by legitimate businesses, but only if it is enforced by local councils to rid the industry of these money-grabbing, unethical, uninsured, unqualified and dirty nail bars. For all those salons and nail bars who invest in their staff with full training, wages, insurance, and health and safety, this is only fantastic news. Let’s re-educate the public about what’s going on on their high street.”

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty July 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty