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New research into the biggest mistakes consumers are making with their skincare has shone on a light on the vital role that beauty professionals still play when it comes to education. Despite a surge in the number of skin-savvy consumers experimenting with actives and technologies, a worrying number are still clueless when it comes to which ingredients to combine and which to keep well apart, leading to a rise in cases of contact dermatitis and impaired skin barriers. Check out our story on page 11 for the full rundown of the most common mistakes and misconceptions that clients need education on.

With the appetite for active ingredients growing, on page 74 we take a closer look at one of the latest trending ones to catch the eye of consumers, NAD+, delving deeper into the role this coenzyme plays in energy metabolism, DNA repair and regulatory cell signalling and how it can be used both topically and orally for skin health.

Increasingly, consideration of skin health is extending beyond the face to encompass the full body – including the scalp. This month we explore the rise of the “scalpfluencer”, introducing five scalp care specialists who are making a name for themselves on social media by embracing the blurring lines between skincare and hair care. Check out our five to follow on page 25.

Lash treatments is another sector of the industry where knowledge of both skin and hair structure and health are important, and our lash trends feature on page 52 investigates how the sector can be more inclusive through better understanding of pigment conditions such as vitiligo, poliosis and albinism and how techniques such as colour matching can open up lash services to a broader client base.

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This article appears in June 20024

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June 20024
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