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A new device offers multiple treatments in one and we try out a semi-permanent make-up service

Lynton Dynamix

Lynton’s new Dynamix is a modular aesthetic technology device equipped with medical-grade IPL, radiofrequency (RF), and aesthetic lasers. It has been created to allow practitioners to take a personalised approach to treatments, by integrating a variety of technologies, including the brand’s Rebright (IPL), Remodel (RF), Remove Q (Q-switched Nd:YAG), and Resurface (Erbium YAG laser). The fully equipped Dynamix offers over 30 different treatment options, including Lynton’s Illumifacial, laser hair removal with laser and IPL, multicolour tattoo reduction with passive Q switch handpieces, skin rejuvenation with Nd:YAG laser or IPL, facial tightening and lifting, red vein removal, anti-ageing skin treatments, acne, pigmentation and fractional laser resurfacing. With its modular design, Dynamix is intended to be accessible to a broad range of businesses, providing clinics with the ability to start small and scale their operations over time.

Lynton says treatment prices should vary dependent on service and location. 01477 536977 / lynton.co.uk

Tried and tested… Tracie Giles London Gloss and Go Lip Blush

The lowdown: Developed by semi-permanent make-up expert Tracie Giles, the Gloss and Go Lip Blush treatment is designed to restore shape and fullness. It enhances the colour of the lips with a tint shade of the clients’ choice, as well as creating symmetry and an illusion of fullness in the lips.

The experience: The Gloss and Go treatment is exclusively available at the Tracie Giles London clinic in Knightsbridge, London, where I visited SPMU trainer Bronwyn Miscia. She started with a consultation to decide on the shade of tint, using a bit on my lips to give an estimate of what the healed colour would look like. I have a cool undertone and wear muted pink or purple lipsticks, so we agreed on Evenflo shade Rock Rose. This appears as a berry shade when applied, and heals to a dusty rose-pink with a hint of mauve.

Miscia then meticulously mapped out my lip shape with white pencil to ensure symmetry, checking I was happy before numbing my lips. She carefully tattooed the outline, using the smallest needle option for accuracy, then did a first pass over my whole lips. Miscia was incredibly observant and caring, frequently checking to see if I was in pain and applying more numbing solution if needed. After the first pass, she went over my lips again to fill in any gaps. This was followed with aftercare advice and products, including Tracie Giles Post Traumatic Skin Cleanser and a tattoo ointment. The full treatment took about two hours.

I returned a month later for a top-up. The original session had healed with subtle results, and I wanted a stronger look so Miscia didn’t dilute the tint. She followed the same process as before then left a layer of tint on as a “bath” for maximum penetration – my skin absorbs SPMU tints well, which helped with the results. I was encouraged to get in touch if I thought I needed more top-ups.

The verdict: While lip blushing is admittedly a bit painful (definitely more so than brow microblading), the results are worth it. It’s been a month since my second treatment and my lips have healed to a lovely, rose-pink colour with a symmetrical outline. I can go without lipstick or gloss although I’m still partial to a bold red lip occasionally and my SPMU lip shade doesn’t interfere with the lipstick colour. 

Business benefits: Lip blushing is a great earner, with experienced SPMU artists able to charge upwards of £500. Clients are encouraged to come in for annual top-ups, boosting long-term revenue and client retention.

Tried by Ellen Cummings

Tracie Giles charges from £595 for the treatment and from £3,250 for Gloss and Go Lip Blush training. 020 7584 1005 / traciegiles.co.uk

This article appears in May 2024

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May 2024
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