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Spa operators across the country are getting ready to open their doors again and are carefully strategizing how to do this successfully. Tapping into some of this year’s key wellness trends is one method, such as the blend of healthcare with wellness (37%) and the power of breathwork to relieve stress and anxiety (20%), while more than a third (37%) are working with locally based micro-influencers to help drum up excitement and intrigue before reopening.

Making sure your Covid-19 guidelines are clear and concise is also important, which is why more than half (59%) of you are including this in all your marketing materials, along with a coronavirus FAQ page on your website (49%), and taking lots of informative pictures and videos for social media (34%) so customers can see how the spa journey will work. If you’re looking to extend your treatment knowledge, check out our piece on understanding HIV in beauty on page 62.

On the spot

How will you maximise profits on skin treatments when you reopen?

1. Get the team focused on upselling (59%)

2. Build more bespoke treatment plans (54%) 

3. Review pricing (37%) 

4. Online skin classes so clients can maintain results (15%)

Which 2021 wellness trend will your spa tap into this year?

1. The blend of healthcare and wellness (37%)

2. Breathwork to aid stress and rehabilitation (20%) 

3. Immune health (15%) 

4. Regenerative travel breaks close to home (12%) 

5. Financial wellness (5%)

63%  say sustainable formulations are a bigger focus than sustainable packaging

37%  work with microinfluencers to raise their spa’s profile

What will be key to getting guests back into your spa after lockdown?

1. Clear Covid-19 policies in all marketing (59%)

2. FAQ page on website on Covid-19 policies (49%)

3. Spend longer on the phone during booking process (39%)

4. Pictures and videos of the new client journey (34%)

5. Emails on how client support is keeping your business alive (32%)

78%  use genderneutral language on forms

This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty