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As the industry looks ahead to reopening after coronavirus lockdown 3.0, so much focus is on boosting treatment profits once you can welcome clients back to your salon. Knowing that skincare treatments are some of your bread-and-butter services and big money earners, many are focusing on this area of the business by building more bespoke treatment plans (55%), reviewing prices (34%) and getting the team focused on upselling clients (28%) with either back-to-back services or luxury add-ons.

The popularity of waxing –a beauty ritual many clients are missing at the moment – is on your mind too, with just under half (42%) of you predicting brow will be your most sought-after waxing service post-lockdown, followed closely by intimate (39%). Pregnancy waxing is a key service to have on your treatment menu too; check out how to get the best results every time in our feature on page 52.

On the spot

Which waxing service do you think will be most popular with clients post-lockdown?

1. Brow (42%) 

2. Intimate (39%) 

3. Leg (8%) 

4. Lip (8%) 

5. Arm (2%)

58% say sustainable formulations are a bigger focus than sustainable packaging

How will you maximise profits on skin treatments when you reopen?

1. More bespoke treatment plans (55%) 

2. Review your pricing (34%) 

3. Get the team more focused on upselling (28%) 

4. Online skin classes for clients to maintain results (6%) 

5. More offers/promotions (4%)

66%  use genderneutral terms on consultation forms and software systems

What will be key to getting clients back into your salon after lockdown? 

1. Clear Covid-19 policies in all marketing (56%) 

2. Emails on how client support and loyalty is keeping your business alive (36%)

3. Pictures and videos of the new client journey (31%)

4. Spend longer on the phone during the booking process (30%)

5. FAQ page on website on your Covid-19 policies (24%)

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty