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“So important to support one another and spread the word too. Word of mouth is always the best.”

This month we asked you… if you offered clients virtual consultations in lockdown, will you continue when you reopen?

Yes  58%

 No  42%

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ASA bans Instagram influencers’ tanning ads for using “misleading” filters

Iona Relf, owner of Salon U in Walmer, commented: “I’m so pleased to hear this. I created a survey for my clientele a while back about filters and I had interesting feedback. Some said ‘if people want to use filters then they should feel free to do so’, which I agree with, but I also had my thoughts confirmed when others admitted that they use filters on almost all their photos now. These clients said that they did so because when the see their photos without filters they feel ugly. I hope this is the start of more natural photos, giving women confidence in their own skin.”

@AFFINITYCOUCHES: “Read the ‘HOW TO COPE WHEN A LONG-STANDING CLIENT DIES’ article. Something we don’t like to THINK ABOUT but it can and ALMOST CERTAINLY WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AT SOME POINT IN YOUR CAREER. Check out @pro_beauty for more great articles.”

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PB Upskills webinar: five steps to salon retail success online and offline

Rosie Jackson, owner of Balance Skincare in Woodbridge, Suffolk, commented: “Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in setting up these excellent PB Upskills webinars. I’ve learned so much and gaining CPD credits is a bonus. Consultant Valerie Delforge is truly inspirational and her retail webinar made so much sense. Retailing really is vital to our business, regardless of whether you are [based] in a salon or work alone.”

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty