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Your new clinic opened in September; how did you decide which treatments to offer?

“My philosophy has always been on non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. It’s really about giving people what they deserve – to get them on a natural journey of skin health and education.

“Clients are becoming more discerning with the treatments they invest in, and the way they’re investing. They are more informed and want both instant and long-lasting results.

“I look for technologies that align with my philosophy of enhancing skin tissue, improving the health of the skin and the muscles, and educating the individual muscle groups in a non-invasive and non-surgical way. It’s about healthy ageing.”

What’s been the most in-demand treatment in the periods you’ve been open?

“Since the first lockdown, I’m finding that clients want to go to the next level with their treatments and putting more money into non-surgical facial lifting.

“The ability to create bespoke treatments is therefore important, which is why having multifunctional technologies, such as CACI, is great because you can design the treatment around the needs of each individual client.”

Have the Covid-19 lockdowns caused changes in clients’ skin?

“Blue light is very damaging and we have seen clients’ skin become dehydrated and congested. So, we have been focusing our efforts on adding nutrients back into the skin. Antioxidants and peptides are also a must to ensure clients have a protective layer on their skin.”

Which treatments and ingredients do you think will be trending in 2021?

“I think ‘clean beauty’ will continue to rise in 2021 – safe, effective and sustainable formulas. It’s a commitment though. It’s all very well understanding about sustainability, but doing it and actually putting it into practice is a completely different thing.”

Which treatments would you recommend to salons trying to bounce back in 2021?

“It is important for salon and clinic owners to find devices and technologies that work with their own philosophy, rather than trying to be like everybody else.

“Multifunctional devices are beneficial when looking to optimise results as they combine multiple technologies within one treatment, meaning the client receives a far greater, more effective result as they leave the clinic, and then better results long term.

“Making sure you can bespoke treatments is so important. We have a menu but we communicate that it’s a guideline only. Ultimately, we work by time slots, so we can give clients what they deserve and need.”

What advice would you give to someone investing in a new device or technology?

“Fall in love with your machine. Understand how to use it because a machine is only as good as its operator. You must learn about facial muscles, skin tissues and the structure of the face. Education provides a guideline to follow, but in reality, everyone is different shapes and sizes, so you must know how to get into the muscle groups. When you do so, the results will be incredible, and you will feel rewarded as a practitioner. Your clients will leave with great results.” PB

This article appears in the February 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty