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Collagen Gummies from Novomins feature a premium blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin. Vitamin C helps to support hair, skin and nail health, while biotin works to facilitate collagen production. The gummies come in a fruity peach flavour. 

Trade: £8.99 

07530 173134


The new Bt-Micro Fusion is an ultrasonic skin perfection tool available in both a pro and a consumer option, allowing salons to retail a version of the device to help maintain clients’ skin between appointments. Both devices feature two power levels and three ultrasonic modes – exfoliation and cleansing; clearing and extraction; and application of products. Both feature 30,0000 Hz oscillation, are water-resistant and light weight. The Pro version also uses microcurrent. 

Trade: £292.50 for Pro; £130.50 for home edition 

+1 800 976 2544


The spa brand has launched a range of supplements with ingredients in their bioactive forms and 100% vegan formulas. Glow has micronutrients to rebalance dry and stressed skin; Youth contains vitamin C and E, as well as beta-caratene, to slow the skin ageing process and prevent wrinkles and pigmentation spots; and Beauty Sleep has melatonin to help relax the mind and vitamin C to neutralise free radicals. Lanserhof has also released the Hair & Nails supplement with silica and calcium to promote hair health and an active metabolism. 

RRP: from £44 to £64 

+49 8022 18800

Spotlight  Australian Bodycare rebrand

Salon professional waxing brand Australian Bodycare is phasing in a fresh rebrand with new packaging and additional formulations. The contemporary new look features stylised ingredient illustrations on a white background, replacing the previous plainer blue design. The brand has extended existing categories including foot care, intimate care and hair care. It has also added a bespoke men’s collection and new manicure and pedicure treatment protocols for professionals.

“The combination of a wider range with broader applications and greater shelf appeal will accelerate our growth in the professional market,” says Australian Bodycare director Fiona Peerless. “We have also achieved success as a consumer-facing brand and our professional-first approach will ensure more salon clients use Australian Bodycare as part of their whole family’s beauty and hygiene regime at home.” The rebrand also brings a renewed focus on hygiene, via the brand’s hero ingredient tea tree. “Right now, we’re focused on supporting and helping salons through this difficult time,” adds Peerless. “The new launch will bring new excitement and impetus to the market and, as it’s anchored in hygiene, its relevance is perfect for the times we’re living through.” 

01892 750 850


Medik8 has extended its Crystal Retinal range with the introduction of Crystal Retinal 20, a clinical-grade serum, double the strength of Medik8’s current highest retinal formula. Featuring hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin E, this overnight serum hydrates the skin, visibly minimising fine lines and wrinkles, while firming, plumping and resurfacing skin texture. The serum also combats blemish-causing bacteria to keep skin looking balanced. 

RRP: £89 

03330 142434

Katie Barnes Tool Range

Katie Barnes’s latest lunches are three nail files suitable for different techniques. Offering two different grits on each side, the KB 2 Way nail files design includes a precision ruler, allowing techs to measure enhancements with ease, and the rectangle shape delivers a large surface area for improved comfort. The files are available in singles, multipacks or a trio trial kit. 

Trade: from £1.39 

01926 493974


Professional beauty supplier Salon System has launched five new fashioninspired additions to the Gellux Core collection. The new shades Empowered, Rosy Posy, Stony Blue, Sparkling Plum and Timeless Taupe will join the range. Gellux has been formulated to deliver up to 15 days’ wear and a high shine. The improved, curved shaped brush in the bottle hugs the cuticle for an even coverage. 

Trade: £11.95 each 

020 8573 9907


The make-up brand’s new Velvet Radiance Concealer offers full coverage and colour-correcting technology. Available in four shades, it includes fresh carrot cells and seaweed extract to protect, tone and firm the delicate skin around the eye area. The vegan formula works to improve skin quality and boost hydration to achieve a crease-free, flawless finish. 

Trade: £10 

0345 217 1360


Dermalogica’s Neck Fit Contour Serum is a lightweight roll-on serum with Flex Lift Technology that claims to combat winkles and creases, visibly lifting and sculpting the neck. Rye Seed Extract works with palmitoyl tripeptide-42 and rambutan extract to tone and firm the skin, while resurrection plant-inspired polysaccharide strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and griffonia seed extract provides antioxidant defence to safeguard results against free radicals. The brand recommends clients use it day and night. 

Trade: £26.30 

0800 917 7147


Skincare brand Heaven has unveiled a new 30ml sized Bee Peel, originally only available in a 50ml size. Featuring a fresh blend of organic coconut, bee venom, honey, apple and raw cane sugar, Bee Peel is designed to boost collagen and elasticity of the deeper layers of skin. The product evens tone to minimise the visibility of fine lines, scars, dark spots, dullness, blemishes and enlarged pores. 

RRP: £64 

01952 462505

Gobi Gold

Formulated to help achieve nutrient balance, Gobi Gold Daily Balancer delivers a synthesis of high-quality nutrients for optimum body and mind function, helping to tackle the lack of balance in most people’s diets. The formula’s nutrient sources contain essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, providing powerful anti-ageing tools to help combat body inflammation and lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. 

RRP: £56 for one-month subscription 

+30 694 0200 729


Amy Lewis, owner of wax salon group Mooeys, has developed an eco-conscious range of professional wax products called The Wax Range, which comprises both hot and strip wax for professional use. Also new from Mooeys is a line of vegan, pre/post-treatment skincare products for both professional and home use called Professional Moo. Products include Moo Soothe, Moo Calm and Moo Care creams, as well as Moo Fresh intimate wipes. 

Trade: From £5.95

Jane Iredale

New from Jane Iredale is the Enlighten Plus Undereye Concealer. Featuring Persian silk tree extract to improve the appearance of under-eye texture and fine lines, and probiotic ferment, to help slow free radical production caused by sun exposure, the Enlighten Plus Concealer is a silky, buildable concealer that smooths, depuffs and protects for brighter, youthful eyes. With SPF 20 or SPF 30 (UVA/UVB) sun protection, the concealer comes in five shades, offering a medium to full coverage with no creasing. 

Trade: £16 

020 8438 3277


SkinCeuticals has launched an antioxidant to treat oily and blemish-prone skin. The Silymarin CF antioxidant serum is an oil-free, vitamin C serum suitable for daytime use. Enriched with 15% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 0.5% ferulic acid, 0.5% salicylic acid and 0.5% silymarin, the product helps to reinforce skin’s natural protection from free-radical damage and prevent oil oxidation, which can lead to blemishes. 

RRP: £145 

0800 028 2331


Caudalíe has reinvented the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum with a cleaner, more natural formula and eco-designed packaging. Enriched with Viniferine, the new formula is PEG free, containing a biomimetic emulsifier that mimics the structure of the skin’s layers. Claudalíe has updated the entire Vinoperfect range with cleaner formulas, made with more than 95% natural origin ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging. 

Trade: £46 

020 7720 7111

Naf! Stuff Pro

Naf! Stuff Pro’s Light Hand Cream is launching in a new scent – Pink Grapefruit. Offering hydration and a zesty fragrance, this light cream has been formulated to easily slot into any hand care regime or for use in professional manicures. The product is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and is an easy product to retail to clients’ post-treatment to help them keep up their homecare. 

Trade: from £8 (£7.50 in selected bundles)

Germaine de Capuccini

There are two new launches from Germaine de Capuccini. Timexpert Rides Eye Contour Global Treatment features 10ml tubes of both Gel Day Cream and Night Cream. Actives include blefaroplex to increases collagen and elastin synthesis and biomimetic oligosaccharides to defend against pollution, allergens and other irritants. Also new is Timexpert Rides Anti-Fatigue Aqua-Patch Dynamic and Static Wrinkles. These hydrating patches adhere to the treatment area and contain GDC’s “BTX – Tripeptine” ingredient – a tripeptide that has a “botox-like” action on wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

Trade: £40.55 for Timexpert Rides Eye Contour Global Treatment; £68.30 for box of 12 Aqua Patches 

0845 600 0203


Elemis has launched two products to revive and comfort overworked areas of the body. Enriched with birch sap and mango-derived cleansers, the Cool-Down Body Wash is a gel-based formula to hydrate and revitalise skin, while Warm-Up Massage Balm with linseed, blackcurrant and black seed oil moisturises and relaxes the muscles and skin. Also new is Pro-Collagen Night Genius, formulated with algae and orange African bulbine to combat transepidermal water loss and repair oxidative damage. Elemis has also launched Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm, a fragrance-free version of the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. 

RRP: £30 for Cool-Down Body Wash; £42 for Warm-Up Massage Balm; £195 for Pro-Collagen Night Genius; £44 for Naked Cleansing Balm 

0117 316 1888


In celebration of the nail brand’s 40th anniversary, OPI returns to its birthplace with the Hollywood Collection. Featuring 12 shades, all available in Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer and GelColour formulas, the reds and pinks evoke classic Hollywood style. Refreshing hues of pale lemon, blue, bubblegum pink, and green represent positive energy, while warm neutrals in cream, terracotta, and mauve provide more natural elegance. 

Trade: £17.80 for GelColour; RRP: £13.90 for Nail Lacquer; £15.50 for Infinite Shine 

020 3901 5892


With shea butter and macadamia oil to deeply moisturise, Murad’s Intense Recovery Cream is a clinically proven, ultra-rich cream which encourages the recovery of stressed-out skin. Featuring mirabilis jalapa plant and microalgae extracts, it hydrates, soothes and relieves redness and signs of sensitivity in the skin. 

Trade: £35.21 

0844 472 7050


Four skincare tools are the latest launches from Espa, inspired by traditional massage and acupressure techniques to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. Tools include a Gua Sha made from rose quartz, a crystal believed to promote love and peace. There is also a Face and Eye Roller and Eye Contour Massage Tool, both made from Aventurine Jade, a stone used to cool and soothe the skin, as well as a Dual-Ended Mask Applicator. 

RRP: from £15 to £40 

01252 352230

Light Elegance

The new Light Elegance Salon Storage Box comes in two sizes to help techs stay organised. The clipsecure boxes are designed to store brushes and gels. Also new from Light Elegance are four tools: LEpro Tip Cutter, Straight Blade Precision Scissors, Curved Blade Precision Scissors, and Stir & Scoop Precision Spatula, all of which have been ergonomically designed. 

Trade: from £8.95 to £12.95 for the tools; from £7.45 to £8.95 for Storage Boxes 

0333 000 7000

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