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The end of 2020 was tough for the spa industry too, with most operators having to deal with a third Covid-19 closure period coming into force in late December. Before this came into effect, your average room occupancy for the month was 44%, which is lower than what you usually experience during the festive period. However, many of you are looking to the future and what to focus on when you can finally reopen.

Half of you will be adding online retailing for staff members as a key KPI for this year to help boost sales on your online shop, whether that’s products, vouchers or digital consultations. Meanwhile, when it comes to things the industry should be focusing on this year, more than a third (38%) of you think it should be a goal to get every therapist trained up in cancer therapies so the sector can be more inclusive. Check out our Cancer Aware Directory at

On the spot

Apart from Covid-19, what should be the biggest industry focus in 2021? 

1. Getting every spa trained in cancer therapies (38%) 

2. Improving education and creating more career options (32%) 

3. Sustainability and investing in eco-friendly practices (6%) 

4. Being more successful in e-commerce (6%) 

5. Great sales record (35%)

19% offer facial cupping in spa

50% are adding online retail sales as a KPI for staff this year

This article appears in the February 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the February 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty