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December delivered another blow to the already struggling beauty industry as, late in the month, each of the UK’s four nations announced tougher restrictions to help prevent the spread of the new, more easily transmissible strain of Covid-19. Before salon closures came into effect, many of you were already finding trade tough, with average treatment and retail sales down on last year’s figures, and room occupancy at 56%. However, many of you are using lockdown 3.0 as an opportunity to tweak your salon’s offering so you can reopen strong and with clear goals.

As such, you are looking to boost your bread-and-butter services, particularly tanning, with some new strategies – from launching a spray tanning loyalty scheme (13%) and doing seasonal offers (19%), to working tanning services into larger packages (18%). Find out what the biggest tanning trends for 2021 are going to be on page 48.

On the spot

How are you going to boost your tanning sales this year? 

1. Seasonal offers in the colder months (19%) 

2. Packages that include a tanning treatment/product (18%) 

3. Spray tanning loyalty scheme (13%) 

4. Launch a new tanning menu (12%) 

5. Personalised tanning marketing (10%)

7% offer facial cupping in salon

Apart from Covid-19, what should be the biggest focus for the industry in 2021? 

1. Regulation with a register (43%) 

2. Education and addressing cheap online courses (37%) 

3. Sustainability and being eco-friendly (11%) 

4. Being more successful in e-commerce (6%)

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This article appears in the February 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty