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LashUs Fast Bond

LashUs Fast Bond is better suited to the experienced lash technician who wants to work at speed with both classic and volume looks. The formula is also water and oil resistant, helping to keep your client’s new lashes looking their best. Alternatively, the LashUs Bond Adhesive is available for beginners and has a slower setting time.

Trade: £21.95

0333 000 7000 (Sweet Squared)

Artdeco Adhesive for Perm anent Lashes

This clear lash adhesive formula provides long-lasting wear for cluster lashes or individual lashes. The formula is also waterproof and fragrance free to ensure clients le ave your salon feeling confident. Once the l ashes are ready to be refreshed, the glue is easily removed for fuss-free extension appointments.

Trade: £8.30 02890 617403

Lash Perfect Ultimate Odour Free Adhesive

This adhesive has been formulated for clients with sensitive eyes who are prone to irritation during extension treatments. The surgical grade adhesive is ideal for new lash extension technicians, as it has a slightly slower drying time of 8–10 seconds, allowing time for the precise placement of lashes.

Trade: £31.95

020 8500 9028

Hello Gorgeous Going for Gold Adhesive

This adhesive cures in 0.5–1 seconds, making it perfect for Russian volume, classic or hybrid lashes. The fast drying time means quicker treatments, helping you to maximise your time in salon. The formula has a thin consistency that makes it flexible and easy to work with and allows you to use a minimal amount per treatment.

Trade: £18.36 (with code SALON20)

0333 121 0299

Hive Lash Black Adhesive

Hive’s adhesive is available in both black and clear formulations, allowing you to tailor your extension treatment to your client. The black variant dries to a deep colour, providing additional definition along the lash line, whereas the clear formula is better suited for those with fairer lashes or looking for subtler results. The non-irritating and water-resistant adhesives are created with an acrylic copolymer-based formula, which secures lashes in seconds.

Trade: £3.10

0845 450 4802

Marvelash Super Fast Glue

This adhesive is designed to help lash technicians increase the speed of their application. It has a fast setting time of just one to two seconds, making it perfect for advanced lash artists. It is suitable for use with classic lashes, volume lashes and advanced techniques. It has a long-lasting formulation with low fumes, making it particularly suitable for use on clients who have sensitive eyes prone to irritation. 

Trade: £19.95

020 8573 9907

The Eyelash Emporium Quick-Time Elite

The Eyelash Emporium’s Quick-Time Elite Professional Eyelash Extension Adhesive is the brand’s fastestsetting formula. The glue has a drying time of 0.5–1 second. For this reason it’s particularly suited to elite lash artists, allowing them to create intricate lash creations quickly without worrying about stickies. It is recommended for use with hybrid and volume lash sets.

Trade: £25.00 (including VAT) 01753 650656

Lash eXtend Battle Glue

Designed by Yvonne Van Wieren, a competition-winning lash technician, the jet-black formula of Lash eXtend’s Battle Glue provides enhanced definition to the lash line and sets in 0.2 seconds, helping to cut down your application time. It seamlessly bonds the extension to the natural lash, giving a natural effect to your extensions.

Trade: £41.63 01708 465 900 (The Georgie Smedley Group)

This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty