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Jolene Young (@JoleneY48364678): Eve Taylor first brought up regulation for our industry in the 60s, yet here we are in 2019 and she’s still saying it in Sept @pro_beauty. SURELY now is the time!


Do you have an active age restriction policy in your spa or salon?

73% YES

27% NO

The Harrogate Spa (@TheHarrogateSpa): Fantastic write up by Professional Beauty on our amazing new luxury spa coming this Autumn.

Should pupils be allowed to wear nail extensions at school or on beauty work placements?

Yvonne Webster, owner of The Little Beauty Room, Aberlour, commented: “I agree, no nail enhancements for under 16s and no enhancements for beauty work placements. However, when I was at school, I did wear nail polish – in fact, that’s where my love of nails started.

No harm in that at all, as long as it’s neat and tidy.” Shelley Brereton, self-employed nail technician at DivineBelle, Somerset, commented: “Kids under 16 shouldn’t wear extensions full stop, let alone at school. They don’t know how to properly care for their nails and could end up doing permanent damage. My insurance doesn’t even allow extensions on under 16s.”

Trudy Bailey, beauty therapist, commented: “I can see both points. The mother asked permission and it was granted, it should have then been made clear that they were to be removed for said placement. However, the mother should also know that when you attend a beauty course you are not to have anything on the nail (even basic polish) for safety reasons.”

Adele Gurduk, part-time visiting lecturer and owner of RMH Health, Barnet, commented: “With my Lecturer hat on, all students need to have short nails without polish, gel or acrylic as clients can be allergic to any of these products – let alone the damage you can do to the client if you are giving a facial or massage.”

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This article appears in the October 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty