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Lian Davey (@lash_pixie):

Catching up with all the beauty gossip Noting that Leeds folk are the biggest spenders on beauty treatments in the UK Hmm, it may be time to relocate See you at #PBNorth in October @pro_beauty01

Natalie Jane (@NatalieeJane_x):

Just read that more #faketan is sold in #Belfast than anywhere else in the UK and Ireland. I lived there for 10 years, this doesn’t surprise me. It’s a pale, pale world there, haha!

Andy Rouillard (@Wax_Daddy):

New research reveals that a quarter of groomers injure themselves while removing #pubichair – leave it to the professionals! There’s a reason therapists go to school to learn this stuff.

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Guest blog: how to support staff with mental health issues

Claire Watts (@clairesmye) commented:

“This is brilliant. I wish more employers were like this. Sadly, some think they are but the reality is very different. Companies often subscribe to a counselling service but many employees are not aware of it or are made to feel inadequate if they use it. Openness and connection between staff and employer is essential in maintaining a healthy, happy work environment.”

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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes in business

Grace Zichawo commented: “As a manager, I have had to learn a lot of the ‘soft’ skills through trial and error. It was not easy at first due to many errors I made, but had I walked too carefully and not made the mistakes I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Failure is part of the process if we take it as a stepping stone to growth and success.”

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty October 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty