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iS Clinical The Elements Facial

IS Clinical has teamed up with Hydrafacial MD to launch a dual-action facial that exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates older skin with no downtime.

It combines iS Clinical’s popular Fire & Ice Treatment, an LED facial that resurfaces the skin to reduce fine lines and encourage cellular turnover, with Hydrafacial’s patented technology, which cleanses, extracts and hydrates, into a 60-minute treatment.

After a deep cleanse, the therapist conducts Hydrafacial’s detoxing lymphatic drainage and then microdermabrasion, followed by application of nourishing Intensive Resurfacing Masque to the face, neck and décolleté areas.

Next comes the neutralisation process, where the therapist applies two pumps of iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex and removes with warm mitts, before extraction, application of Rejuvenating Masque for five minutes and use of Pro Heal Serum Adv+.

A 10-minute pressure point periorbital massage is conducted to firm and tone, before Hydrafacial’s LED technology is used to rejuvenate. The treatment finishes with application of an eye and face cream, along with SPF 30.

iS Clinical recommends charging £250 for the treatment. Call the brand on 0845 116 6242

Plasma Elite

Plasma Elite is aimed at clients who want fast and effective results in fighting the ageing process. The non-invasive treatment tightens and improves skin elasticity, helping to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, age spots and eye bags, as well as aiding with the removal of acne scarring and moles and warts.

Plasma energy from the machine’s hand piece produces a small, electrical arc – ionising the oxygen and nitrogen in the air – creating a micro-millimetre-sized pulse of “plasmatic lightning” on the skin, which evaporates and causes the surrounding areas to contract.

This contraction tightens the skin and stimulates new collagen, leaving it firm and looking more youthful. Although skin layers are vaporised by the plasma, they don’t burn off – instead they flake off as part of the healing process.

The treatment, which can be used on the face and body, ranges between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Plasma Elite recommends charging from £200 to £400 for the treatment (depending on the size of the area being treated). Call the company on 07967 392081

This month we tried… Elemis Life Elixirs Mindful Massage

The lowdown: This deep-tissue massage is built around one of Elemis’s biggest launches to date – the Life Elixirs collection of aromatherapy oils which are blended to support clients through modern-day life.

The massage uses the Life Elixir blend the client is most in need of and focuses on releasing toxins, melting away tension and encouraging optimum circulation with rejuvenating massage techniques from around the world.

The treatment: I told my therapist Mia Hildebrandt that while I was suffering with tightness in my shoulders and upper back that needed addressing, I wanted to feel bright and energetic after my treatment rather than sleepy and lethargic. So, she chose the Clarity blend to use – a beautiful, warming cocktail of uplifting bitter orange, cardamom and ginger.

I then settled in for 90 minutes of pure bliss. Hildebrandt started by guiding me through three balancing deep breaths, while applying gentle pressure on my back as I inhaled the oil under the bed.

Hildebrandt then began on my back with a mix of deep effleurage, lomi lomi and freestyle movements, using her forearms to stretch my neck and shoulders. She then moved onto the backs of my legs, where she incorporated Thai movements such as clamping and foot rocking with cradling and flexing my legs, which, once able to relax and let go of control over my limbs, felt wonderfully relaxing.

In a daze, I rolled onto my front and Hildebrandt placed a lavender eye pillow over my eyes to shield me from the light. On my hands and arms, she performed a combination of drainage, kneading and stroking movements from Swedish, Hawaiian and Thai techniques.

She then finished by tending to my neck and shoulders with circular lifting, Eastern knuckling; tui na energy-release pressures, which I could instantly feel draining my shoulders of soreness; and finally, a Balinese neck stretch into a soothing, nurturing head cupping hold.

Business benefits: In my opinion, this is how massage should be – indulgent, tailored and hardworking. The treatment feels like a journey through continents and will appeal to those who are serious about massage and know which moves are their favourite.

There’s space for you to tailor the duration and movements to individual Life Elixirs; for example, the energising blends would lend themselves well to a 30-minute leg sequence for regular exercisers. Plus, clients can purchase the oil used in treatment, along with the accompanying candle and fragrance rollerball.

The House of Elemis charges £95 for 60 minutes or £125 for 90 minutes. Call the brand on 0117 316 1888 Tried by Georgia Seago

Sothys Youth Intensive Treatment

French skincare brand Sothys is offering salons and spas a new way to combat wrinkles and slackened skin with its luxury Youth Intensive Treatment.

The 75-minute facial encompasses formulations designed to slow the ageing process – the brand’s BP3 Tri-Complex combines two botanical active ingredients with peptides to fight oxidative stress and chronological ageing – along with expert product application techniques.

The therapist begins with a cleanse and exfoliation before massaging in two serums designed to firm the skin using lifting techniques. A three-step toning massage is conducted using a balm packed with hyaluronic acid to nourish skin, followed by multimasking with the brand’s hyaluronic acid-rich Dermofilling mask and alginates and clay-rich Lift0069ng mask.

The facial concludes with a hydrating serum and application of Youth Cream, which contains the BP3 Tri-Complex. The brand recommends clients have a course of three treatments for optimum results.

Sothys recommends charging £75 for the treatment. Call the brand on 01303 262666

This month we tried… Wah Nails nail art mani

The lowdown: Wah Nails in Soho, London, is dedicated to giving clients nail art that they couldn’t get anywhere else. Clients create their own designs and try them on virtually using the brand’s Virtual Reality Nail Designer headset before having them created by a Wah nail tech.

The experience: The first thing that struck me about Wah Nails was its “salon of the future” vibe – it’s a two-storey urban space filled with neon lights and VR headsets, which clients put on 10 minutes before their appointment to try out designs.

The technology can be likened to a nail customisation app, where you hold your hand up and see colours and patterns appear that move with you in real time. There was a wealth of designs to choose from and after deciding I wanted on-trend white polish with polka dots, I headed downstairs to meet my tech Miaki Bowen.

While prepping my nails, Bowen asked me about what I wanted and began to build on the design based on my likes – suggesting that a comic book/pop art design on top of my polka dot base would make for a standout look, especially as I’m into superheroes.

We then discussed what could be created on each nail and it felt like the possibilities were endless. I told her I wanted my surname written on my thumbs, stars on my middle fingers and a speech bubble with icons on my ring finger.

From start to finish it took Bowen an hour to complete, moving from one nail to the next creating the designs free hand using small nail art brushes and gel polish from Gelish and OPI. She sealed the designs with two applications of top coat so the finish wasn’t bumpy.

I was thrilled with the result – Bowen’s eye for detail was incredible – and surprised that this level of work was produced in just 60 minutes. I also loved that I could charge my phone at the nail station during my treatment.

Business benefits: Clients are seeking this specialism out now more than ever, so adding personalised nail art to your treatment menu could help your salon stand out. Introducing technology to the experience will also help build your reputation online, especially on social media where these detailed nail looks can be easily shared.

Wah Nails charges between £30 to £70 for gel nail art (depending on design). Call the brand on 020 7439 8586

Tried by Amanda Pauley

Nannic NBE Excellence Treatment

The advanced skincare brand has launched a new treatment that combines electromagnetic energy with liquid crystal serums to promote the absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin, leaving it appearing more youthful.

The treatment begins with a cleansing procedure, followed by application of Nannic’s Excellence Serums (Energize, Defence and Ultra Moisture) using one of its key techniques – Deep Skin Infusion or Radio Frequency Energy – depending on the client’s skin concerns.

Deep Skin is a non-invasive micro-channelling device that allows therapists to do ablation in a safe and relaxing way; whereas the Radio Frequency Energy uses a radiofrequency device to push active ingredients further into the epidermis, especially areas prone to wrinkles such as the eye and lip zones.

An anti-pollution algae mask is then applied to help target damage done by environmental aggressors, before finishing with moisturiser. The three serums used in treatment are packed with ingredients such as methione peptide, glycosylglycerol and extremophile ectoine to fight the signs of ageing. The treatment is available as either a 60 or 90-minute version.

Nannic recommends charging from £120 for the treatment (depending on type). Call the brand on 020 7735 6662 PB

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