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Has your team got Zoom fatigue? With 60% of techs stating that they haven’t undertaken any online nail courses or tutorials during coronavirus lockdown 3.0, it looks like your team may be taking a break from video calls for a little while.

Another reason for this online education break could be that your techs have been busy creating removal kits and/or press-on nails for clients to use until they can come back to your salon, with 19% of you using this as a way to generate extra revenue during lockdown.

However, when you reopen, many of you believe that the 45–54 (25%) and 35–44 (25%) age groups will be the ones booking in for manicures and pedicures the most, which is why it’s important that you’re ready to deliver a great service when you can finally reopen your doors.

Check out the hottest nail art trends for spring/ summer 21 on page 45, and read from top techs how the pandemic has changed consumer behaviour and what your business should do to adapt.

On the spot

19% sold at-home nail kits to clients during lockdown

45%  encourage clients to “detox” their nails occasionally

Which client group will book with you the most post-lockdown?

 1. 45–54 (25%) 

2. 35–44 (25%) 

3. 55–60 (13%) 

4. 25–34 (9%) 

5. 60+ (7%)

16% are left-handed techs

How many online courses/ tutorials have you undertaken in lockdown?

 1. None (60%) 

2. One (10%) 

3. Three (5%)

 4. Two (4%)

 5. Five (4%)

What is the best hand pose for showing off your work?

 1. The straight crossover (39%) 

2. The claw (11%) 

3. The right angle (6%) 

4. Staggered hands (5%) 

5. One hand on client’s face (4%)

METHODOLOGY Insider is compiled from a monthly survey of spas and beauty salons. The people who participated represent a cross-section of the industry and were polled by email from February 1–11, regarding business for the month to January 31. Nail business for the Insider Nails page was calculated from data provided by salons that offer nail services among other treatments. The figures given represent the average score for each answer. Brands are ranked when mentioned by several respondents.

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty