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Many of you have been using this time of enforced closure to focus on your business so your spa operation is raring to go when you can finally reopen. Apart from a quarter (25%) swotting up on the latest spa and wellness trends on TikTok and 9% making important industry connections on new invitation- and audio-only social media platform Clubhouse, many of you have also been focusing on how to strengthen the bonds in your team.

When asked what makes a great team, the majority (72%) said saying thank you and giving regular praise really motivates therapists, while having trust between all staff (69%) and clear career paths with progression available for everyone (66%) were also cited as important to creating a good dynamic.

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On the spot

Which would help your spa survive the Covid-19 pandemic?

 1. Reducing the VAT rate (38%)

 2. More adequate business grants (34%)

 3. Cuts to rent and business rates (16%) 

4. Getting insurance companies to pay out (12%)

16%  feel their MP is representing the industry’s needs to Government during Covid-19

What makes a great spa team?

 1. Saying thank you/giving praise (72%)

 2. Trust between all staff (69%)

 3. Career path for everyone in the team (66%)

 4. Ideas shared without judgement (66%)

 5. Flexible working (47%)

9%  are using social media platform Clubhouse

How have you been managing your self-care during lockdown? 

1. Regular exercise (78%)

 2. Positive affirmations (53%) 

3. Goal setting (47%) 

4. Exploring new foods (38%)

 5. Investing more time in your skincare routine (34%)

25%follow the latest spa and wellness trends on TikTok

This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty