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As coronavirus lockdown 3.0 roll ons, it’s fair to say it’s been a weird time for the industry. Many of you have been reaching out to your local MP to ask for more support for your business, but only 12% feel they are addressing your concerns adequately to Government about what the beauty sector needs to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than a third (35%) say that reducing the VAT rate would be the best thing Government could do to help your beauty salon survive, followed closely by more adequate business grants (34%) and getting insurance companies to pay out (19%).

Meanwhile, more than half of you (57%) have been exercising more as a way to manage your self-care during lockdown, while others have turned to methods such as goal setting (44%) and regularly saying positive affirmations (26%). Only 6% of you so far have joined the new audio-only social media platform Clubhouse to stay informed on the latest beauty news and trends. Find out how to join the platform on page 64.

On the spot

What would help your salon survive the Covid-19 pandemic? 

1. Reducing the VAT rate (35%) 

2. More adequate business grants (35%) 

3. Getting insurance companies to pay out (19%) 

4. Cuts to business and rent rates (8%)

6% using social media platform Clubhouse

What makes a great salon team?

 1. Trust between all members (70%)

 2. Saying thank you/giving praise (61%) 

3. Ideas shared without judgement (59%)

 4. Career path for everyone (41%)

 5. Offering flexible working (38%)

21% the latest beauty trends on TikTok

How have you been managing your self-care during lockdown?

 1. Regular exercise (57%) 

2. Goal setting (44%) 

3. Positive affirmations (26%) 

4. Investing more time in your skincare routine (25%) 

5. Joining online support groups (23%)

12% their MP is representing the industry’s needs to Government during Covid-19

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty